Residency programs in Ohio?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any good plastic surgery residency Clinics in or around North Central Ohio? I need revision of a TT done not quite a year ago. The original PS will do it for anesthesia/facility fees. Which I guess would be good if I trusted him to fix what he messed up, but I don't and can't afford another PS. Basically I need a mini TT, liposuction of the mons ,dog ear repair and something done with a widened, painful scar. Can a resident even handle it? TIA

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Thanks for your inquiry,  both the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio State in Columbus have residency programs, but that does not mean they a resident's clinic will necessarily save you a lot of money.  Good Luck

Residency Clinics

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The Ohio State University Medical Center has a cosmetic residency clinic with discounted pricing. I was a resident there and the clinic offers really good care. The attending physician is present in the operation the entire time and your description is something that most plastic surgeons and training plastic surgeons can handle. Best wishes!

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