Removal of bridge without damaging. Any suggestions?

During a root canal, the dentist loosened my bridge. He says it has to be removed and re-cemented. As I do not want a new bridge he is having me remove by eating taffy and all sorts of sticky candy to try and remove the bridge gently. It has been several weeks now, and while it is indeed looser, it is in no way ready to come out. Any suggestions?

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Removal of Loose Bridge Following Root Canal Treatment

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This is a tough question because time is not on your side. A loose crown or bridge means that bacteria can get under the crowns and cause further damage, ie, recurrent decay. In the past I used a Richwill crown remover which works on the same premise as taffy. It is a hard plastic cube, about the size of a sugar cube, that can be softened in warm water. The softened crown remover is then placed between the crown or bridge and the opposing tooth and the patient bites until the plastic hardens. A quick opening by the patient breaks the cement seal and removes the crown or bridge. If the crown has been cemented with a cement that bonds to the tooth and crown, this is risky as the tooth may fracture. If the tooth is brittle following root canal treatment, there is the same risk, but I am assuming that the loose portion of the bridge is the root canal tooth. Last but not least, all of the teeth involved have to be periodontally sound with great bone support. If this method is not an option, then prepare yourself to replace the bridge. If you intend to wait longer, which I do not recommend, at least use a daily fluoride rinse to help prevent recurrent decay. Good luck!

Boca Raton Dentist

Sugar Daddies are the ultimate tool for removal of dental work

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This may sound weird, but I have found that Sugar Daddies are the ultimate tool for loosening dental crowns.  Often if you can loosen dental work gently, the final pull-out can be accomplished safely by your dentist.  If you cannot get it out the easy, gentle way you may need to replace the bridge.

Mark Edington, DDS
Las Vegas Dentist

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