Can Chin Surgery Change Smile?

I'm going to have chin surgery because the doctor says that my lower lip is too short. He will push my chin up a little, but the thing is that I don't want my smile to change. Will this surgery change my smile?

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Chin Surgery Change Smile

Its possible the smile can change due to injections, implants, or bone
rearrangement. There are many different muscles that affect smile that
may be affected during surgery. Speak with your surgeon to address any


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Chin shaping

Dear Sarah252, Chin shaping cn be done many ways and any alteration of the tissues in this area can affect the mobility of your lip and tissues around your mouth. The risks of change in movement are small but should be discussed with your surgeon- as it is dependent on the procedure performed.

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Chin enhancement may potentially change smile.

There are many different muscles which effect the smile. There are many different techniques of achieving a change on the appearance of the chin which range from injections, to implants, to bone rearrangement.

Depending on what is done, it is quite possible to effect the smile both short and long term.

Discuss these concerns with your surgeon to have a better understanding of what is to be done.

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Successful chin surgery should not change your smile.

Dear Sara,

What type of chin surgery are you having? If you're having a chin implant, there is a low risk of lower lip weakness / paralysis; this is considered a complication of surgery which could change the appearance of your smile.

This is an excellent question that should be addressed by your surgeon.

I hope this helps, and best regards.

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