Why is Chin Implant Not a Solution for Receding Chin?

I went to a plastic surgeon to ask about a chin implant and he told me that I am not a candidate. I have a really weak chin due to my jaw. I can have jaw surgery but I am not because I don't want to do a really big surgery. He said that having a chin implant will alter my face and look like a bump on my chin. I am confused.

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It most certainly is a very viable solution for a weak or receded chin.  Chin Implants, IMO, should be anatomical in design so they augment not only the front but taper along the sides.  The Chin Implants that are isolated to just the front, of the chin, make it look elongated and un-natural. 

I have been using Chin Implants for Chin Augmentation for almost 25 years.  I'm sure the costs vary depending on the experience and reputaion of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon doing the Chin Augmentation.  In our Beverly Hills/Los Angeles office, our surgical fee starts at around $5,500 with an additional OR and Anesthesia fee.  While Chin Implants can be removed under local, their placement is best done under general anesthesia as the Chin Implant should be placed under the covering of the bone.  I have not found it necessary to sew or screw Chin Implants in place but do do the following in all Chin Augmentations with Chin Impants:

  • Use Silastic Chin Implants which can be removed anytime.  Why?  Because forever is a long time and you want to have the option of removing the Chin Implant anytime you want.
  • Place the Chin Implant through an incision under the chin.  This maintains the  natural muscle attachment to the chin bone avoiding ptosis (wich's chin) from developing in the future
  • Under the chin is sterile, while placeent through the mouth is not.  This approach also maintains a barrier preventing the Chin Implant from riding up into the sulcus, or groove just below the lower gums.  Extrusion of the Chin Implant causing possible infection and definite Chin Implant removal can occur if the Chin Implant moves into this sulcus when placed through the inside of the mouth.
  • Place steri strips on the outside of the chin for 5 days.
  • Require all Chin Implant patients to sleep on a U-shaped airline pillow for 1 month after the procedure.

You may want to read an article I've written "How to choose your plastic and cosmetic surgeon" that you can use when searching for your Chin Implant surgeon.  You may also want to read my new book on the aesthetics of beauty, including the chin "What's Your Number...the palmer code."

Chin advancement, often called sliding geneoplasty, requires actual cuts into the mandile to slide the chin bone cap forward.  I have always felt this approach as extremely aggressive since the alternative of using a silastic Chin Implant over the bone is available and far less invasive.  If you look at my book, you will notice that the face on profile is more than just chin projection.  You may wish to consider nasal reduction at the same time to further balance the face...IMHO.

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Chin implant is a solution for a receding chin

A chin implant is a solution for a receding chin and they come in multiple shapes, sizes and forms. The newer chin implants are a little longer and wrap around the entire front part of the chin. The old style chin implants were short, placed in the front of the chin and gave the chin a look of having a bump. It is probably best to have another consultation.

William Portuese, MD
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Chin implants

When a plastic surgeon decides on recommending a chin implant. We have to take in consideration the facial proportions, the bite, the lower jaw, then decide if the chin implant will improve on the facial harmony. If you post pictures we may be able to give you a better advice.

Samir Shureih, MD
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Chin implants can improve the projection and contour of your chin

Hi Sybraceface - Chin implants can improve the contour and projection of your chin, but only to a certain point. If your chin is significantly undersized, you may need jaw surgery in order to obtain your desired aesthetic results. However, if you do choose to get an implant you need to expect that the results may not be as good as jaw surgery. It's difficult to determine the best plan of action for you without a picture. Chin implants to come in various shapes and sizes, but again there is a limit as to what they can accomplish. Good luck!

A Chin Implant works well to improve the appearance of a receding chin.

Silastic chin implants come in many sizes, and may be safely used to improve the appearance of your receding chin. I almost exclusively use: "Extended Anatomical Chin Implants" that wrap around your chin for a smooth contour.

If you email your front and profile photos, I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Large chin implants and dental or mandibular erosion

Chin implants can exert a push forward as well as a backward force. To clafrify, if you have a very small chin it may require a large implant to make a difference. Not only will this look like a bump but the stretching of the tight skin will also exert tremendous force pushing backards on the implant. Over time this can cause the underlying chin bone (mandible) to erode with possible dental injury.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Candidates for Chin Implant

Front and side photographs are really important here as we can not guess at the extent of your chin.

Chin implants come in several sizes / styles and materials and have in common the need to be in good contact with the chin. If not enough chin surface is available to bolster / back up an implant the result could look artificial and I BELIEVE this is what your surgeon was referring to. In such cases it may be better to have a SLIDING GENIOPLASTY which can not only augment the forward projection of the chin but its height as well.

Dr. P. Aldea

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