Minimum Age for Chin Augmentation?

I am a 16 year-old-male, and I was wondering what's the minimum age to be able to get chin surgery done? I am primarily interested with sliding genioplasty. Also, if you wish to recommend a good surgeon in my area, please do so.

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Wait until age 18 for chin augmentation

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It is probably best to wait until age 18 to 19 years of age before undergoing a chin implant or a sliding genioplasty. The mandible has probably not completely quit growing until age 18.

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Sliding genioplasty in CA

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At 16, a male is generally not done with jaw growth so you need to wait until that has happened.  In the meantime, I suggest you see Dr. Henry Kawamoto at UCLA as he is an expert in sliding genioplasty and could help you understand if that is the right procedure for you. 

Chin Implant?

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Thank you for your question!  I would suggest waiting until you are at least 18 years old.  You will have a hard time finding a plastic surgeon who will operate on you being so young.  Best of luck!
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Sliding genioplasty

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I would wait until 19 before getting a chin implant because of your age. I would consider the chin implant if your teeth (occlusion) are well aligned. You need to see a craniofacial surgeon.

Minimum age for male chin implant

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I recommend that you wait until age 18-19 before having a genioplasty as your facial development, particularly the thickening of the jaw line,is not yet complete. While you are waiting for this to occur, you can use the time wisely to research your options and find a surgeon with whom you are comfortable. Good luck to you!

Age for chin implant

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Male facial growth is not complete until around age 18, I would wait 2 more years before considering surgery.  Female facial growth is usually complete at age 16.  Dr Kawamoto is the best plastic surgeon in LA for this type of  outpatient procedure.

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Minimum age chin augmentation

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It is best to wait until full or near full physical development. Age 18 in a male is usually acceptable. If you have not grown within the past couple of years, age 16 might be okay in your case. In most cases, I prefer the use of an implant for augmenting the chin region. It is a very easy procedure usually achieving excellent results in experienced expert hands. A sliding genioplasty is a much bigger procedure with more potential risks and inherent problems.

Sliding Genioplasty Chin Surgery

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The sliding genioplasty is a great surgery for chin correction. But facial development must be complete before surgery is performed. This will prevent any adverse changes that can occur this continued facial growth.

Growth in girls tends to end by age 16-17 and in boys 18-19. However, this is only the norm and there are always exceptions. I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon who can evaluate you to be sure that this is the best procedure for you. Meaning that there are no occlusion or bite issues. This can often be the case when a patient presents with a "weak" chin.

Minimum age is 18 for chin augmentation

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Easy answer. Wait until you are 18 years of age. For almost completed growth. Otherwise go see three boarded plastic/facial plastic surgeons for an in person opinion. Regards.

Age for chin augmentation and sliding genioplasty

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The mandible is one of the last bones to grow and mature. Generally, young adult males are usually considered skeletally mature at about 18 though they may keep on growing until 23.

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