I have chicken pox scars on my face. Is it possible to remove them completely?

I have a 4 chicken pox scars on my face 2 are big and other 2 are very small but visible. i live in India & i wanted to know the therapy i should use ? do you know how much it will cost ? if the these operations can make my scars completely erasable. i am in my late 20's and i have these scars more than 15 years does this make it worse?

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Chicken pox scars

Most chicken pox scars are indented.
Surgical excision replaces the indented scar with a flat scar that often does not show. 
To prevent darkening of your skin from surgery, ask your surgeon to prescribe pre-treatment with 4% hydroquinone for 2 weeks before surgery.

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CO2 laser therapy for chicken pox scars

CO2 laser can be very effective on chicken pox scars. These are best treated with combination therapy, starting with the Cross method, which is a procedure using TCA to regenerate the collagen in the scar, and then to perform resurfacing laser to smooth the surface. Fractionated CO2 is the safest, most effective treatment for scars. However, it is best used on lighter skin tones because darker skin may loose or gain pigment following the procedure. Good luck with your treatments!

Meg Cherry, MD
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Chicken pox scar ?

Careful excision and layered skin closure of the chicken pox scars can markedly improve their appearance.
But carefully consider : No scar can be "erased"  only made appear less "visible". 
Good luck

Guido P. Gutter, MD
Evansville Plastic Surgeon
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