Co2 Laser resurfacing: Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon or GP with cosmetic training?

Hello! I am a 33 yr old female with moderate acne scarring and chickenpox scars on my face. I am interested in laser resurfacing and would most likely have co2 or fraxel re:pair or some combination of these. I live in Australia (Brisbane) and my question is: would it be better to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon or a GP trained in cosmetic procedures? My concern is quality not cost. Thank you :-)

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Who to see for full face co2 resurfacing

Ideally, you want to have your procedure performed by a specialist who has performed many of these procedures during their training so that they can manage not only the procedure itself but can potentially handle any post operative issues that may arise and properly screen you for the procedure before you have it done.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are generally those who have this experience. Ask them key questions such as: may you take a look at their before and after photos? How many do they perform in a year? What training have they had? How accessible will they be during the recovery period? What portion of their practice is dedicated to cosmetic work?

And if you aren't sure, it doesn't hurt to have a few consultations with different doctors. You will get a sense for who you feel most comfortable with as well as their staff.

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Co2 laser. Derm or plastic?

In my opinion, the most important aspect in choosing a physician is experience.  A doctor that can identify your scar type and treat each scar appropriately is the key. Become familiar with scar types and different treatments. I find it is rare that one modality alone is sufficient, such as lasers.
Look at their before and afters and ask what treatments were performed. Look for someone who does many types of procedures. Check the blogs. They are full of unbiased reports and recommendations.
Good luck!

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Who to do CO2 laser

  1. As a plastic surgeon, I prefer plastic surgeons,
  2. but a good GP with cosmetic training is better than a plastic surgeon or dermatologist not interested in lasers,
  3. Ask around and consider the professional with the best reputation.

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