Why does my stomach look deformed? 3 weeks Post TT (Photo)

Why doesn't my stomach look flat? I look asymmetrical and a big lump on my right side.

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Why does my stomach look deformed? 3 weeks Post TT

Although your concerns regarding your abdominal wall appearance are understandable, hopefully you are aware that it is much too early to evaluate the final aesthetic outcome of the procedure performed.  Time and patience will likely be your "best friends" in this regard.  You can expect improvements of the appearance of the  abdominal wall up to one year and beyond.

Having said that, I would suggest that you seek follow-up with your plastic surgeon who will be the best position to evaluate the "lump" that you refer to.  Sometimes, a fluid accumulation (seroma)  may be responsible for this fulness.

Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with longer-term.

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Swelling 3 weeks out

At 3 weeks swelling of the lower abdomen which makes it puff out beyond the pubic area is very common. Compression dressings and lymphatic massage may help. See your surgeon for a seroma check. Constructing garments or belts can make this worse so avoid them

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Why does my stomach look deformed? 3 weeks Post TT

Swelling is normal for months after a tummy tuck. Your surgeon may advise you to wear a compression garment or binder and check to make sure no fluid is collecting under the skin. 

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Why Does My Stomach Look Deformed 3 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck?

The tummy tuck incision goes from the skin all the way down to the abdominal muscles.  It cuts through several layers of tissue and it temporarily interrupts the normal, downward flow to lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels between the bottom of the tummy tuck scar and the groin.

At 3 weeks post tummy tuck and with gravity pulling injury fluid downward, very often, there is an overhang from swelling just above the tummy tuck scar.  Over the next several months, this fluid will dissipate, new lymphatic channels will be connected either under or around the abdominoplasty scar leading a flattening of the abdomen and very often getting rid of asymmetric abdominal sides.

The short answer is give it some time and much of what you are concerned about will evaporate. 

Why does my stomach look deformed? 3 weeks Post T


Thank you for your questions, it is still early for results you do need more time for recovery 3 to 6 months to see the final results for now what you are seeing is not any results.

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Give Swelling Some Time to Fade

Thanks for you question and photos. It is too soon to comment on the swelling. Your lymphatic drainage system is disrupted, and it will take time to reestablish the connections. This can take months, and you will see the swelling improve over time. Please check with your doctor to make sure that you don't have a discreet collection of fluid (seroma or hematoma) in that area that might need to be drained. Best of luck.

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Swelling after Tummy Tuck

As has been discussed here by other surgeons in a word......time. Patience is a virtue after surgery and you need to wait a full 3 months for everything to settle out. Use ice frequently and wear your binder. You are super early in your recovery and will see major improvements as time goes forward. There is no way to fast forward the recovery so just hang in there!

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Why does my stomach look deformed? 3 weeks Post TT (Photo)

Three weeks is still early to see the final result. There may be more swelling on one side than the other. If after waiting 4-6 months the asymmetry remains, then a revision will likely resolve his situation. 

Andrew M. Lofman, MD, FACS
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Why does my stomach look deformed?

Hi, Jessicamts.
Based on your photos, you do have some asymmetry between the left and right sides.
However, you are still early in your recovery phase.  As the swelling decreases, the asymmetry and "big lump on the right side" should improve in next 5-6 months.  If you are still concerned about the asymmetry after 6 months post-op, a revision surgery may improve the result further.
Please follow up with your plastic surgeon and share your concern.  
Best regards.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Concern about abdominal appearance three weeks after Tummy Tuck/abdominoplasty

Your abdomen will go through substantial changes over the course of the recovery from your tummy tuck/ abdominoplasty. It is still very early after your operation and you can expect things to change significantly. Of course, you should be in touch with your surgeon if you have significant concerns.

It is imperative that you seek the advice of a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has extensive experience in tummy tuck/abdominoplasty.

I wish you the best.

Dr. Gabbay.

Joubin Gabbay, MD
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