How long should I wait to have plastic surgery after gastric sleeve surgery?

I'm having gastric sleeve surgery this month. My question is, how long should I wait to have a plastics done after having gastric sleeve surgery?

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Cosmetic surgery post gastric sleeve

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If you are considering a cosmetic procedure after a gastric sleeve, you should wait until reaching maximal weight loss with maintenance of that particular weight. This is usually 12 to 18 months post op. It is very important that you take your vitamins as recommended by your bariatric surgeon and keep up with your daily protein requirement  for healthy wound healing.

Houston General Surgeon

How long should I wait to have plastic surgery after gastric sleeve surgery?

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I would suggest that you wait until you have reached your long-term stable weight prior to seeking consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate lots of examples  achieving the types of outcomes you would be pleased with. 

 Then, communicate your goals carefully. Learn about the pros/cons/risks/complications associated with the operations discussed. Achieving realistic expectations will be important as well.

You may find the attached link, dedicated to patients who have experienced significant weight loss, helpful to you as you consider options.   Best wishes.

You should wait at least one year to have plastic surgery after gastric bypass

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You should wait at least one year to have plastic surgery after gastric sleeve surgery.  Thank you for your question.

Wiljon W. Beltre, MD
Altamonte Springs Bariatric Surgeon
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Plastic Surgery after Gastric Sleeve

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Congrats, this procedure is the most effective solution for weight loss .
Once you reached your goal weight and have been there for at least 3 months. Most of the patients get to their ideal weight in one year, so the best would be 1 year after.

Remember that selecting a Plastic Surgeon takes time and effort. The key is to choose a reputable, qualified and reliable surgeon. 

Eduardo Gongora, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Wait a minimum of One year for Plastic surgery post Bariatric Surgery

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I would say minimum a year or once you have maintained your weight for 3 - 6 months (which could be over a year). It's better to wait. You don't want a tummy tuck (for example) while you are still losing weight, because the skin will get loose again as you lose more weight.

If you get surgery at your lowest low, that too could be risky. You won't have the perfect smooth contouring that you want. 

You really need to figure out where your "steady" weight level is going to be before you have plastic surgery. Most bariatric surgeons have plastics surgeons they work with or can refer you to who they trust. Some bariatric surgeons perform body contouring procedures and that too can be a great option. These are long surgeries with a lot of skin being taken off. You don't want to pick a plastic surgeon known for nose jobs, to do a body contouring procedure. 

Either way congrats! The fact that you are getting the sleeve is going to be a huge step in the right direction. 

Daniel J. Rosen, MD
New York Bariatric Surgeon
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Stable weight for six months

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Once your weight has been stable for six months then you can get surgery. If you get it before you may need more surgery later. See a good plastic surgeon who has dealt with weight loss surgery patients previously.

Terry Simpson, MD, FACS
Scottsdale Bariatric Surgeon
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