Are there doctors who will be willing to dissolve my Juvederm even if they didn't inject it?

I was scammed by a med shop of horrors in a bait and switch scam. Inexperienced nurse and there was no physician on site. I have learned my lesson. This med spa are not returning my calls and I don't want to go back there anyway. I've discovered they have a BBB grade of F and numerous reports filed against them. Are there any doctors in Chicago who will be willing to inject me with hyaluronidase to remove the Juvederm? Waiting is not an option. I have to leave the country in early July. Help!

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I am sure you can find a plastic surgeon to help you with dissolving the filler. BUT do not blame the new doctor who is trying to help you for the problems and unwanted results of the medspa that made the problem fist.
We all worry about transferring blame to the doctor who is trying to correct a problem created by another person

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Are there doctors who will be willing to dissolve my Juvederm even if they didn't inject it?

Yes. I see patients quite often for filler revision and treat them with hyaluronidase. The only upside to have your original injector remove some of the filler is that they will likely not charge you for the treatment. You will likely pay $250-500 for Hylenex treatment performed by another physician injector. Best.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
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Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Hyaluronidase Can Be Done By Another Experienced Physician

As you point out, the quality of filler injection results is physician dependent.  Seek experienced board-certified specialists in plastic surgery, otolaryngology (ENT) or ophthalmology, who personally perform or have experienced, well supervised nurses or nurse practitioners.  Seek a professional medical environment. 

In you area, I suspect there are many choices of experienced physicians who can and will evaluate you and offer treatment with hyaluronidase if they feel it can help you.  Then you can develop a relationship with an office that can help maintain you filler and other needs.

For a plastic surgeon, check the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) website.  Their new slogan is "We Are Aesthetics."

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Juvederm Horror

Chicago has many skilled and highly competent plastic surgeons. Surely there is a doctor there who will treat you with hyaluronidase but you will most certainly have to pay for their skills/expertise, time, and taking on of liability of another healthcare provider's injection. You may want to consider Dr. Julius Few. He is meticulous, competent, and highly experienced in oculoplastic surgery and fillers. Get in sooner than later in case you need more than one treatment before your trip. Best of luck!

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Juvederm Results - Unhappy, Reverse with Hyaluronidase

Yes, you should little to no problem finding an experienced board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to reverse your Juvederm with hyaluronidase. For future treatments, please seek an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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