What Braces Should I Get for Gap Teeth and Overbite? (photo)

20 year old female. Gap teeth are heredity with women in my family. I noticed that the older I got the bigger my gap is expanding. It's hard for me to chew certain foods because it feels like my jaw has shifted so I always bite my tongue. Do I have an over bite or over jet? What kinda braces should I look into?

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Space and bite

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Hi there

You have an overjet and an overbite. These are both bite issues. You also have a big gap. This is a tooth problem which may be related to your frenum (tissue hanging from lip between the teeth). I think you will definitely benefit from orthodontic treatment. Your choices will probably be braces (metal/clear) or possibly invisalign. It is best to go see an orthodontist and discuss your options. Hope this helps

Vijay Bhagia, Space Center Orthodontics, Houston TX.

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