Is our speech affected by full mouth dental implant? (Photo)

I am 24 years old. I have loose front teeth because of periodontal disease. So I couldn't speak fluently. Also couldn't bite freely with my front row tooth. I am planning to have dental implant. Before that I need to confirm that whether my speaking skill is affected by dental implants.

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Will implants affect speech

If your implants are properly placed and restored, you should have no problems with your speech.  It sounds like your loose teeth are adversely affecting your speech right now, so the restored implants should improve your speech, as well as your ability to use your front teeth for biting food.

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Dental implants and speech

If you see an experienced dentist or prosthodontist , you should not have a problem with speech. Placement of the implants and the Restorations over dental implants should be based on proper bite ( occlusion) which your dentist evaluates in addition to evaluating your speech ( Sometimes using temporary restorations brfore finalizing the case) 

Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
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