How to Remove Cheek Indents Due to Piercings?

I had my cheeks pierced for four years, and took them out about six months ago. The holes have now closed, but the indents are still very deep and I just want them gone! Would I need some sort of filler injected into them or something along those lines? And are there any examples of these scars after they have been dealt with? Thank you for your time.

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Fixing cheek indents from cheek piercings

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Cheek piercings can cause indentation when removed.  I would perform a scar revision procedure to remove the epithelialized tract and fix the scar.  There is a finite risk of fistula formation.

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Scars from piercings and cheek scars/ Filler

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Though the holes in your cheek have closed, the indentations are a result of the natural healing process (contraction). Fillers are an option but would not be permanent. The area will be need to removed surgically and repaired in layers. Done properly, this will give an almost imperceptable scar. I would recommend you seek a surgeon with experience with facial anatomy. Best of luck to you 

Travis L. Shaw, MD
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