What should I do to get my nose to look similar to what it did prior to surgery?

I had a septo/rhinoplasty to fix my deviated septum and remove a bump, the surgeon however made changes to the tip without my consent. I went to Lima, Peru for the surgery and he will not refund or make any corrections. My nose was long, ski-sloped, and with a bulbous tip pre-op. My tip now is retracted (too small for my nostrils), not defined, and straight from profile. I would like a revision in May but would like to know what I need for it to look more like it did preop. Thank you so much!

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The Key will be timing and prudence


The first question I would have to ask is when was your surgery.  For many revisions, one may have to wait a year to perform revision surgery.  I would have to ask you whether this is entirely an aesthetic concern or whether you are having any breathing problems.  

Many times to replace structure in the nose some form of grafting has to be performed.  Cartilage that has been removed from the nose is replaced with cartilage from the ear or septum, occasionally from the rib.

The most important step is that you meet with a surgeon who understands your goals and that he can deliver them.

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