Could TMJ issue and prolonged pain caused by crown being too low?

Had 2 crowns placed on 2 cracked, bottom molars in April. Still having lingering ache on the teeth when I bite down, and jaw pain that sometimes traveled to head, ears, and shoulders. Never experienced jaw pain before and no history of headache. Left crown has been a bit lower than used to be. My dentist insists not an issue and the bite is good. But the jaw and teeth pain (including the opposite molars ) never subsides. Could the crown being too low, even just a little bit, cause TMJ issue?

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TMJ pain, bite

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If crowns are too low or high it can have an impact on the surrounding joint and muscles.  I would suggest to get a second opinion as the condition of your bite.


Dr. Maddahi

Jaw pain after crowns #DrSoftTouch

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While jaw pain can be caused by a bad bite, it is usually the result of a bite that is off due to a tooth that is too high. It sounds like you dentist has checked you bite and that does not seem to be the issue. I would recommend returning to your dentist to have the teeth evaluated to rule out a possible fracture. He/she may need to refer you to a specialist. I hope this helps. Follow me on Realself for more questions and answers. 

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