Why Do Celebrity Facelifts Look So Bad?

bruce jenner is just 1 of the celebs who seem to have really bad facelifts. windswept looking. is this because they went to a bad doctor, or just were bad candidates for a facelift? i'm just wondering cuz it seems they can afford the absolute best plastic surgeon in the world!

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Great Facelifts don't make people look like they have had surgery. They just make people look great. I have attached a link to my before and after facelift gallery. I always suggest that people look just at the after images to see if the people look like they have had surgery. Look closely at the hairline, the ears, the sideburns and the eyes.  You should be able to view many many photos. Some plastic surgeons may include some immediate after photos. There may be visible scars in the very early stages of healing, but there should be no distortion to the hairline or the ears.  The new "bad" in plastic surgery are a result of people being overstuffed with fat or filler. This is an example of too much of a good thing. Fat grafting when performed with precision and moderation is an important component of natural looking facial rejuvenation. 

The celebrities who seem forever youthful may have good genes, but chances are, they may have also had some very good work along the way.
I will not comment on any specific celebrities. Public people are human beings too. The best way to determine whether or not a plastic surgeon operates on high profile people or not is to see whether or not they have ever commented on "celebrity plastic surgery" in the media. Celebrities and others who value discretion will stay far away from this kind of plastic surgeon. 

Many intelligent and wealthy people have made poor decisions about selecting a plastic surgeon. Start by looking at many, many before and after photos, and look for a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and expertise. Find a plastic surgeon who has attended a top tier medical school and received training from prestigious medical universities. 

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Bad celebrity plastic surgery

You only see bad bad plastic surgery. There are plenty of celebrities who have had plastic surgery and you will never hear about who their doctor is, because they quietly get their work done and don't publicize it. They just look great for their age.

Many well publicized cases of plastic surgery gone wrong are the result of silicone face and lip injections performed by dermatologists or unscrupulous practitioners.

Celebrities in the limelight live under tremendous pressure to be beautiful and thin. They will literally do anything to maintain the spotlight. Plastic surgery is a mainstay of many of their programs. Hopefully they will choose an ethical surgeon who doesn't prey on their insecurities and tells them no when it is appropriate.

Los Angeles in general and Beverly Hills specifically area is a big area and there are many good plastic surgeons who quietly do their work on celebrities and you will never know it is happening.

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Celebrity facelifts and poor results

The pulled and stretched, tightened wind-tunneled look from a facelift is due to the skin being stretched too tight. This is not the muscles being stretched too tight; it is only the skin being stretched. It gives a very false wind-tunneled look.  Good plastic surgery results are not obvious. A comprehensive facial rejuvenation  is supposed to look natural not surgical.
 For many  examples of a  natural look comprehensive facial rejuvenation in our practice, please see the link below

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Why do celebrity faces look so bad?

Many celebrity face look so bad because many do not go to the right certified plastic surgeon.  You must first check on your plastic surgeon's credentials.

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It's the emperor's new facelift

I assure you, the fact that celebrities get horrible work does not bode well for regular folks getting great work.

Remember that most general plastic surgeons get very little training in comsetic surgeon while in their residencies. A number of forward thinking individuals go on to do aesthetic fellowship. However, many general plastic surgeon simply hang out their shingle and try to figure out cosmetic surgery on their own or by taking weekend courses. This is a tough way to learn. Some are great at it some are not.

In addition, celebrity surgeons are generally very good a public relations. The take home message is that there is no assurance that you will get what you want when you go with a particular surgeon. It is best to do your own home work and consult with a number of surgeons before committing with a particular one. Just because a surgeon did a star's facelift does not mean that surgeon will be right for you. The same advice applied to heavily marketed facelifts. You must do your own homework and research you doctor.

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Good Plastic Surgery is rarely noticed; Bad Plastic Surgery Screams at you

The answer to your question is threefold. Many of the results you may be referring to come from a different era in Hollywood and Plastic Surgery. Facelifts were performed in a way that did not respect the limitations or boundaries of the procedure (Ethel Merman's mouth for example). This may be related to poor judgment on the part of the surgeon, unrealistic expectations on the part of the celebrity, or both. My second point relates to Dr. Aldea's: socially popular Plastic Surgeons are not always skillful practitioners. Thirdly, there are many celebrities and people in any town USA who have had great Plastic Surgery; they look good without looking stigmatic. Unfortunately, a bad Facelift screams at you from across the room. The difference is, for a celebrity, a bad Facelift often equates to tabloid exposure.

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Why Do Celebrity Facelifts Look So Bad?

The pressure on celebrities to look young keeps many of them seeking out doctors who may victimize them by making unrealistic promises.  Those who choose qualified and ethical Board Certified plastic surgeons (ie ABPS) or experienced facial plastic surgeons often have a natural appearance that is not obvious.  The problem arises when celebs undergo too many surgeries in an attempt to avoid the changes of aging and this never looks natural.  Unrealistic goals leading to too aggressive a surgery also produces unnatural looking results as does the use of excess fillers such as silicone and the current popular fillers.  Too often non-surgeons and nurses claim that adding volume substitutes for a facelift to correct jowls and cheek drooping and this simply is not the case in my experience.  Too much volume enhancement is rarely flattering and creates an unnatural and often bizarre facial proportion.
I hope this answers your question.  

Jon A Perlman MD FACS
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Member, Am. Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS)
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In Plastic Surgery you don't always get what you pay for

What you are seeing are the worst of the worst results. These results are a combination of what the surgeon sees as an acceptable outcome to a facelift and what the client/patient has asked that surgeon to produce. Both parties should probably take a step back and have a good look at the outcomes.
Although there are many talented surgeons performing facelift surgery with beautiful results, there are many who have marketed themselves to such a degree that they have created a perception and buzz that is often times undeserved.
Celebrities are like the rest of us when it comes to their health care. They rely on word of mouth, only on a much more grand scale. They would not think of going to doctor #2 when doctor #1 did so and so's facelift, even if they have never seen the results. Do your own homework.

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Celebrities with Bad Facelifts

A well-performed facelift will not result in a “pulled look”. There are many celebrities who have had facelift with youthful and natural results. The bad one are so obvious that become a hot topic and joke for media. Things can go wrong once there is a miscommunication between the doctor and the patient. Expectation are not properly addressed or checked. Some of the facelift surgeons apply too much tension and improper vector on their muscle tightening sutures resulting in pulled look. I apply a gradual tension during my muscle (SMAS) tightening. At the temple region I only apply about 20% tension to the muscle, and as I descend toward the mandible and the jawlines tension on the muscle reaches 100%. Neck requires much higher tension, depending on the amount of laxity. In 2011, I published my unique facial tightening technique in the AJCS evaluating 1500 of my patient’s results.
Please look at the before and after pictures of your doctor, that is a good indicator of how they perform their surgeries. Be aware of the surgeons who give you a menu list of things that you actually don’t need and those extra suggestions may lead to artificial look.

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Bad celebrity facelifts

 I think there are two main reasons for bad celebrity facelifts. 1) Poor surgeons, and there are plenty in southern California; and celebrities are not beyond making bad choices is surgeons just like anyone else.  2)  "Vanity".......Hollywood is a place where youth is cherished and is more marketable. Surgeons are under pressure there to deal with greater patient expectations and more unrealistic requests than anywhere else. There is a tendency to give in to the arm twisting of powerful and prominent ( celebrity ) patients when just the opposite should take place. More so than anywhere else, in Hollywood, and with celebrities, plastic surgery needs to look .."NATURAL"....and undetectable as it is always on display for all to see.

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