I Think I Cracked the Cartilage Between my Nostrils, Is this Possible?

I was trying to pop a pimple in the corner of my nostril/face, with one finger on flap of skin between the nostrils (Just above the upper lip) and and the other on my face when I felt a crack from my nose (cartliage between nostrils), now my upper lip feels weird. Is there cartliage that connects the nose to the upper lip? Will this heal on its own or should I see a doctor?

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Cracked cartilage between nostrils

It is very difficult to fracture the nasal tip cartilages without extensive external forces.  The cartilage has a lot of spring in it and we have never seen a fracture of the nasal tip cartilages.

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Cracked cartilage is rare, but in an accident, anything can happe

Hello, Eddie.

First, never pop a pimple.  That is what doctors are for.  Don’t try to cut them out of the business.

Is it possible that you cracked the cartilage?  Possible, but unlikely.
However, a change in sensation calls for a consultation.

I suggest you see a:

•    Plastic surgeon
•    Head-and-neck surgeon ( an otolaryngologist)

Ask for an examination to see what's going on in your nose.

The doctor should:

•   Be able to make the diagnosis
•   Tell you what should follow, if anything

Hopefully, it is just a little bit of temporary swelling in the area affecting the nerve, but the condition does call for a professional opinion.

Good luck,

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Facial Plastic Surgeon

Robert Kotler, MD
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Fractured Tip Cartilages

It is possible to fracture tip cartilages, but this does not mean that treatment or surgery is necessary. If the "weird" feeling does not resolve or there is a change in the appearance of your tip consult with a nasal surgeon.

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Trauma to the Nose

While it is possible that the cartilage could have been cracked with substantial force, it is unclear whether this will be significant.  Sometimes this can heal without any visible changes.  Other times, you may see a slight deviation in your nose.  I would refrain from additional trauma to the area to avoid any additional damage and wait to see if you see any visible changes to your nose.

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I Think I Cracked the Cartilage Between my Nostrils, Is this Possible?

Yes, it's quite posible as cartilage can and does break if the right amount of force is applied.  I'd wait to see if the nasal tip or nose starts to become crooked because of the cartilage break, over the next several months.  If so, a Rhinoplasty would be required to fix this.  Refrain from any further force to the area as this will only make things worse.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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