Gums advancing post crown lengthening. Is this normal? (Photo)

About 15 years ago I chipped my front left tooth and later had a root canal & crown put on in 2008. My gums around that tooth were always swollen, purple & appear to have advanced. The gum line was uneven. About 2 weeks ago I had the crown removed (currently a temporary crown in) and had crown lengthening done in order to fix the tooth and also for cosmetic purposes (all four front teeth were lengthened). My gums still appear uneven & swollen around the chipped tooth. Is this normal?

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Swollen gums around four front teeth after surgery

After gum re contouring surgery for dental crowns or veneers, you will have some inflammation. Duration of swelling depends on the extent of the surgery, meaning if it only involved gums or did also involve bone and the gum?

If the surgery involved the later, the healing can take up 6 to 8 weeks, before your dentist can start working on your dental crowns, if it was only gum and no bone involved, it can take about 4 weeks.

Best, is to ask your dentist surgeon to see you post op and follow up with you, in regards to healing time, and when you are able to start the new crown procedure. I would not be worried after 2 weeks.

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Front crown lengthening takes time

You need to talk to your dentist/periodontist to make sure that healing is progressing normally.  Front upper teeth require more time to heal and it might require 6 months before you can get final crowns depending upon crown lengthening.  Best of luck. 

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