Accutane for someone with PCOS?

I have PCOS. Will accutane work for my acne? I took accutane years ago and my acne was gone for 5 years. Now I've been Diagnosed with PCOS. My facial and body acne is closer to mild than it is severe. I do however get 1-2 large painful pimples on my body once a month.

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Hi,  You ask a good question.  Accutane may help while you are on it to control acne papules and cysts.  However if you have PCOS and it is not being treated hormonally, once you go off the Accutane the acne will likely come back.  There are better alternatives to Accutane for PCOS patients like oral contraceptives and androgen blocking medications.  I would recommend you see a Dermatologist for a full evaluation and treatment plan.  Good luck!

Rochester Dermatologic Surgeon

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