Only 19 but deep nasolabial folds, considering filler, will it make lines worse in the long run? (photo)

I have had deep lines for a long time now and it really started to upset me. Especially in rest, i still have obvious lines. Im just scared it will make the lines worse in the long run or i would have lumps from the filler! Its hard to show and in some ways i can hide them, with good lighting, but if someone just takes a picture of me i can see them, the shadows really look bad.

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Fillers for nasolabial folds

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soft tissue fillers are a great way to soften folds and wrinkles, particularly the nasolabial folds. In order to obtain safe and natural appearing results, it is important to visit a facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist with experience using cosmetic fillers. 

Nasolabial fold depth and filler

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Thank you for your questions and for your photo. In my opinion, your nasolabial fold (the line) isn't very deep. However, if you would like to have the line softened, it can easily be done by an experienced board certified facial plastic surgeon or board certified dermatologist who performs cosmetic filler injections often and who has an eye to keep it looking natural! I hope this helps and good luck!

Lesley Rabach, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Your NLF's are not very deep

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Some degree of NLF's is normal and varies from person to person. Even some young people have apparent NLF's and there is nothing wrong with that. Light correction of the folds with a filler would enhance your appearance but moderation is key here since you are so young. 

Sameer Bashey, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Nasolabial folds

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You would be a good candidate for dermal fillers. The dermal fillers should make the lines better.Over time your own collagen will be stimulated by the fillers so you should continue to get improvement.   You may notice some lumps initially until the product smooths out.   This may take 1-2 weeks. You should not have lumps that persist if the product was placed in the correct location. Make sure you go to an experienced injector. The product is able to be dissolved if you are worried. Hope this helps.

Nasolabial folds

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I wouldn't describe your nasolabial folds as "deep". However, your lines could be softened with a filler. If you find an experienced injector you should have a great result.

Fillers for nasolabial fold

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Thanks for the great question and the photos. Fillers work really well in this area to help soften the lines of the nasolabial fold. If the fillers are injected properly, then they should look natural and not be lumpy at all. A lot of how the fillers turn out has to do with the person injecting them. Make sure you go and see someone with a lot of experience doing fillers. They should be able to give you a result you're happy with.

~Dr. Sieber

Deep nasolabial folds

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Thank you for the question and photo.  They don't look too bad in the photo, and your lips look great - what a nice feature.  Some lines or folding are normal, attractive and natural.  Using fillers to soften the folds should not make them worse over time, and you should not expect lumps if the treatment is done properly.  You may want to visit an experienced cosmetic specialist that can examine the area and help you figure out what your treatment options are.  Ultimately, you may want to try and dermal filler treatment and see how it works for you. Best of luck!

Paul Gorman, MD
Redwood City Physician

Facial lines

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Hello and thanks for you're question! 

Without at full picture it's difficult to tell what's going on but here are my thoughts... 

With you being so young- I just don't love putting filler in this area- it often times starts a pattern of continual filler in this area which can ultimately make the lower face appear "full or heavy."

Instead I like treating your concerns with adding more volume high on the cheeks to make this area more full which in turn decrease the nasolabial fold that you're concerned about!

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

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