Considering Plexr (plasma) for upper bleph that went wrong. Do you recommend this treatment? (Photo)

I had upper blep over a year ago. The doctor removed too much fat and left skin. I was considering Plexr. Do you recommend this treatment?

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Upper lid bleph

Would be helpful to see a pre-op photo too.  You have a deep sulcus and not much fat in the upper lids.  you should see an oculoplastic surgeon to discuss your options.  You may want to consider filler to replace some of the lost volume.  Another option is to take off some more skin, but you will have an even deeper sulcus then, although they will look more symmetric,

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Considering Plexr for revision upper lid blepharoplasty

hello, from your picture it is difficult to assess what bothers you more - the mild ptosis, excess upper lid skin fold, or hollow upper eyelids after your blepharoplasty surgery.

It would be useful for you to review your eyelid appearance in youth, to decide what needs addressing.

I would recommend a consultation with an experienced oculoplastic surgeon, to decide the best way forward.

Plexr would address the loose skin folds well, however will not restore the hollow upper lid sulcus  or correct the droopy eyelid.

Sabrina Shah-Desai, MS, FRCS
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Dear Ioannis

Thank you for your question and photo!  It is difficult to give an opinion without a formal consultation. I have not seen the results of Plexr so I can not comment.  You do have asymmetry of your eyes- and depending on  your concern- a different approach to each eye would be required to create more symmetry.

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No, Plexr will make you look worse.

Plexr is a plasma skin treatment that shrinks skin.  That is not your problem.  Your problem is that you have ptosis or eyelid drooping that was either caused by your eyelid surgery or exposed by the surgery.  Either way you need the ptosis corrected surgically.  Plexr will not do this.  Don't waste your time and money.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid volume loss vs ptosis

If your eyelid position is truly as the photo depicts, then you do have some mild ptosis [droop] of the upper eyelid, along with some loss of volume.
Ptosis repair alone may be enoughto improve upper eyelid hollowness.
Sometimes additional fat grafting may be required. The technique in the eyelids is slightly different from traditional fat grafting, but sub-brow traditional fat grafting may also be helpful.

I have attached links two patient below: one that that underwent both ptosis repair and fat grafting to the eyelids, and a younger patient that just underwent ptosis repair that improved her upper eyelid hollowness.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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