Time for breast lift "Calgary AB"

Have 500 cc cohesive gel sub muscular 3 years time for uplift original Dr. To far to go to so I am looking for a Dr who is excellent at keeping scars invisible as I don't want to look like thick lines as some of my friends with reductions etc look :( I would love input from uplift patients and Dr.s please :))) Calgary Dr's and patients only please as I want to stay in town :))

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Time for breast lift "Calgary AB"

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I think you have a common misconception regarding scars.  It is true that some surgeons are more skillful and more caring than others, but ultimately the quality of the scar, especially the thickness is genetically determined. You have a very nice result as it is, I would think twice before doing a lift at this point as visible scars are going to happen. 

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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Do you need a breast lift

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You need to find a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss this Foley. All breast lifts require scars. One of the most important considerations is what your expectations are. No one absolutely needs a breast lift, but looking at your photographs, you may get a more useful looking breast.

Ira H. Rex lll, MD
Fall River Plastic Surgeon
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Scars from a breast lift

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There are permanent scars from any kind of breast lift, no matter who does it. Some doctors are better than others and some patients heal better and have better skin than others, but please understand that there will be scars forever and the key is to get the best shape possible so they are worth it. That is where the best and most capable doctor comes into play as not all are as good at shaping as others.

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