I Look Deformed Day 11 After Face Lift- Need Reassurance? (photo)

Hi there I still have a lot of swelling post op but I look like I have downs syndrome. My eyes are too far apart and half the size as pre op. I don't look myself. My PS reassures me and I would never go to another PS as he was amazing. But I need reassurance from other PS's who deal with worry warts. Pic one is pre op and #2 is now-day 11. I had...brow lift, rhinoplasty with slight tipoplasty, fat to the NL folds, dermabrasion to my upper lip lines, face and neck lift. Thanks so much!!

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You look normal this early after facelift

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From your photos I expect you will have an excellent result. The swelling that you have is normal after a facelift.

Keep your head elevated, avoid salt and rest. It may take a few weeks for the swelling to resolve. You should be happy after recovery.

Reassurance after facelift

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From the pictures that you have provided you appear to be healing very nicely with a great result. You had a lot of work done and the face can take several weeks to months for the swelling to resolve. Be patient and compliant with your surgeon's post-operative instructions. Make sure that you have follow up scheduled as well to ensure that you are healing normally.

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Healing after plastic surgery post procedure day 11

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I personally think you look great. Your plastic surgeon did a great job. 11 days is early. I think you are going to look great in the end as well. Tell your doctor that I said he did great too. The swelling will go down. I usually tell people that they will get 20% healing at 2 weeks, 60% at 6 wks, and 90% at 6 months.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Healing time

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It is so early in the healing process. Try to relax and before you know it you will have the results you have been waiting for. Good luck

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS - Account Suspended
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

You will be fine

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Your photos show alot of post-operative swelling which can take a few more weeks to subside.  While it is too early for you to " worry", it is also very common to "worry" during your second week post-op.  My prediction is in one more week you will be looking better and you will be in better spirits.  Hang in there you will be fine!

Dr. Audrey Farahmand

Audrey Farahmand, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon

Swelling After Facelift

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Thank you for your photos.  You have a lot of swelling.  This is typical. It will go down and your result will reveal itself.  Best Wishes.

Dr. ES

Face lift results at 11 days

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Thank you for the question and the photos.  Based on the photos alone I see nothing that looks concerning.  You do have quite a bit of swelling and this will take additinoal time to go away.  I would take comfort in the fact that all seems to be healing well from the photos and that it is still very early in your recovery process.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Swelling can persist for several weeks after a facelift.

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I see nothing in the photographs it is alarming. Nevertheless, you should share these with your own surgeon.

Healing take 12 months after facelift

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Wound healing takes 12 months.  After a facelift and eyelids and forehead you are just presentable at 14 days.  You are doing fine.  Let Mother Nature do her work.  My Best,  Dr C

Asymmetrical swelling after face lift is common.

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Dear Terrora, 

Thank you for your question and photo. Asymmetry due to swelling is quite common after surgery. It sounds like you are impressed with your plastic surgeon and I'm sure he did a great job, you just have to wait till all the swelling is gone to see it. =)  Follow his recommendations.

Best Wishes, 

Pablo Prichard, MD

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