Burned on arm, 3.5 months ago, by a cigar: It hasnt healed or scared - Should i see a doctor? (Photo)

My friend burned me with a cigar, about 3 and half months ago (Just playing around not like abuse or anything). And it hasnt scared yet, and recently part of it kinda turned darker purple. My girlfriends mom saw it and said I should be concerd because it hasnt scared yet, and said i need to see a doctor.My friends think its fine. What should I do??

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Cigar Burn Scar

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Hi Alex.  The mark on your arm is a type of scar, just maybe not the type you are thinking about.  The texture of the skin looks unchanged and all that remains is some residual color changes.  In some or many cases, the color fades, but it may take a very long time.  
At our practice, we would use pulsed dye lasers to remove the redness and return the area to a more consistent tone and color.  See the photos of a similar burn scar at the link below for one of our Orange, CA patients.  This was pulsed dye laser treatment.

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Plato's Medicinals Scar Serum for a burn scar from a cigarette or cigar

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A combination of scar serum and pulsed dye laser can help improve the healing of this scar. Our office specializes in scar treatment and we recommend the Plato's Medicinals Scar Serum.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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