Do Bull Horn Lip Lifts Make the Nostrils Appear Larger and More Flared?

I am considering this procedure but would not want my nostrils to be changed. When I pushed up the skin above my upper lip to simulate a lip lift, it seemed that it did flare out the nostrils. Thanks

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"Bull Horn Lip Lift" and Nostril Shape

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If a subnasal lip lift (Bull Horn Lip Lift) is done properly it should not change the shape of the nostrils.  The incision is designed to lie in the nostril crease and does not distort the nostrils.  In considering a subnasal lip lift it is important that the distance from the bottom of the nose to the red lip is long enough, as usually about 1/3 of the lip under the nose will be removed. A better way to simulate the result is to take a couple of Q-tips and elevate the lip from under the nose and see the improvement and appearance of the red lip.

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