Can Cosmetic Lip Surgery Reduce a Very Wide Philtrum and Cupid's Bow?

My philtrum is slightly narrower than my columella at the top, but at my cupid's bow, widens to a point parallel to the lateral inside edges of my nostrils. Beneath this wide philtrum, the vermilion border dips all the way to my lower lip. I hope my description is sufficient, because I couldn't upload a photo. My nose and mouth are of normal width in proportion to my face. Can my cupid's bow & philtrum be significantly narrowed during or in addition to a bullhorn lip lift?

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Narrowing a wide cupid's bow in addition to a lip lift.

If I understand your question your upper lip is long and dips down towards the lower lip. It is normal and more aesthetic for a philtrum to get narrower as it gets closer to the columella. If it is too narrow it can be widened during and by the bullhorn lip lift. The cupid's bow can easily be modified by fillers like Restylane.

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Lip Surgery to reduce wide Philtrum and Cupids Bow

A wide philtrum and cupid's bow can be narrowed surgically, but would add additional scars to the lip which would run along the philtral ridges and would be more noticeable than the bullhorn lip lift scars alone.  Another option may be to use an injectible filler slightly medial to the present philtral ridges to give the appearance of a narrower philtral column.  Best wishes.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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Need photo!

Sorry no way can I answer this question without a photograph to go by

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Bullhorn lip lift will not narrow cupids bow or philtrum

Thank you for your question.

The 'bullhorn 'procedure is designed to shorten the distance between the nose and upper lip. It involves incision at the base of the nose. It will not affect width of philtrum, but will shorten it. Cupid's bow will be of the same width but closer to the columella. Elevation of the vermillion border sometimes called wing excsion can be done in the way to narrower the philtrum and the cupid's bow. Scars ,however, more visible in this instance.

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