How To Remove Bug Bite Scars From Legs?

I have two red pea sized bumps on each leg resembling a fresh bug bite. I am being told that they are bug bite scars. They appeared there after a trip to the field at Fort Hood, Texas three years ago. If true, I want to know what type of bug caused them as I never felt anything until I noticed the bumps and how they can be removed.

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Dark scars on the legs called dermatofibroma

Dark scar on the leg is likely a dermatofibroma and is common in women who shave their legs.  Approximately one third of all women get these lesions.  You would be better off leaving the dermatofibroma alone as the scar from removal will likely not be an improvement. 

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Removing bite mark scars on legs

I believe your lesion is likely what is termed a dermatofibroma which is scar tissue that has in some cases been attributed to a bug bite. I would visit a dermatologist for clinical and/or biopsy confirmation. Treatment options include excision, liquid nitrogen cryosurgery, and less commonly CO2 laser removal.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Excision or laser removal are the options

You can excise the scar by cutting it away. When you do this you have to remember that the excision, or the tissue that you take away, is usually twice the length of the actual scar that you want to remove. So be prepared for a longer scar than you expect. For the laser removal, you can keep the lasered area right where the scar is but the healing can be more variable. 

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