Buccal Fat Removal: a Month Post Op Later--have Some Discomfort, Normal?

I'm almost exactly a month post op, after 2 weeks my face looked normal, there was no pain and my external sutures fell off. It's felt like it's been 100% for the past 2 weeks. Last night through today, I do feel discomfort. It feels as though one side is bruised with some minimal swelling. The tenderness can be felt around the incision points and at the base of my cheekbone, next to my nose. Is this normal? Should I be worried? What complications can occur this late?

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Delayed difficulties after buccal fat pad removal

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Having symptoms like this are unusual, especially a month after surgery. It concerns me that your having the sensation of swelling and tenderness on one side. The first thing to rule out is a post op infection or hematoma. Again, this is uncommon but can only be diagnosed by your surgeon, so be sure to schedule an appointment. Best wishes, Dr. Fisher

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Discomfort a month post buccal fat pad removal

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Dear Downtowngal,


I am sorry that you had to go through discomfort one month after your operation.

What you have described is an acute change especially that one month has already past. Indeed, what you are experiencing is not usual.

Post-surgical complications tend to take place but the delayed manifestations should not be disregarded.

Therefore, I encourage you to consult with your surgeon. Only through physical examination that a diagnosis could be made.


I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing.

Dr. Sajjadian

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