Can a Buccal Fat Removal & Cheek Filler Be Done at Once?

I want to enhance my cheekbones, with Radiesse fillers, before switching to implants. I also want my face to look a bit thinner with moderate buccal fat removal. Can these 2 procedures take place at the same time or should I just do the fillers? I'll also be getting fat injection in the middle of my bottom lip which goes in like a dent.

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Can a Buccal Fat Removal & Cheek Filler Be Done at Once?

 It is possible to augment the cheeks with fillers (I prefer using Perlane over Radiesse).  It's also possible to shape the cheeks by removing subcutaneous fat...but is unwise to remove the buccal fat as this can cause significant facial hollowing as the face ages.  The cheeks may be augmented using Cheek Implants if your cheeks are shaped appropriately to accommodate the placement of implants.

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Buccal Fat removal, cheekbones

Buccal fat removal is becoming more popular as patients with fat lower cheeks do not like that appearance. You can have too much fat, there!!! Remove the fat, then inject your cheeks

There is swelling post operatively following the buccal fat removal so to be precise the final injections should be 1-2 months post surgery. You can inject some at surgery.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Buccal Fat Pad and Fillers for cheeks

buccal fat pads are a very important ingredient to maintain the natural fullness in the face and should not be removed because down the road it will give you a gaunt and sunken cheek appearance which may then require fat transplants.  Radiesse can be easily injected to give you cheek enhancement on a temporary basis until you get cheek implants as a permanent solution.  Do not have Buccal fat pad removal!

Devinder S. Mangat, MD, FACS
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Cheek augmentation and buccal fat pad removal

Yes, both procedures can be performed simultaneously. We do not recommend buccal fat pad removal because  your face will naturally lose this fat anyway with the aging process. Buccal fat pad removal can accelerate this  aging process. The  cheek augmentation is  a permanent solution to augment the cheeks. It is performed  by insertion of a Silastic cheek implant. It is important to pick the correct size and shape depending upon the patient's anatomy. The implants are inserted through  an intra-oral incision under a brief general anesthesia. Expect approximately 2 weeks of swelling and bruising after the procedure.

William Portuese, MD
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Buccal fat pad removal

I am not a fan of buccal fat pad removal. As we age we naturally loose volume in the midface (area of the buccal fat pad), adding age to the face. It is very important to keep this fullness in the midface, it is a sign of youth. If one removes this fat now, they without a doubt will most likely be replacing it years down the road.

Ronald Caniglia, MD
Scottsdale Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Combining Buccal Lipectomies and Non-Implant Cheek Augmentation

Both cheek procedures can be done at the same time since they are performed in different tissue planes. The combination can produce a nice cheek/midfacual sculpting effect. One thought to ponder is whether you want to use the extracted buccal fat instead of Radiesse for the filling. The buccal fat can be processed into an injectable mixture or the fat pads can be used like implants and placed en bloc onto the cheek bones for an augmentation effect. Buccal fat used in this way usually has a good retentive effect.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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