How long will bruising last after rhinoplasty? I am 6 weeks post op

I had a closed rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago and while I have no pain and no swelling, I still have bruises under my eyes and across the bridge of my nose. How long can I expect to have these bruises? I use makeup but they are still visible.

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Bruising Can Last Months

Unfortunately, bruising under the eyes can take a long time to settle down. The skin in that area is thin, and even minimal discoloration shows. When the bruising was initially intense, some of the iron in the blood was likely deposited in this area, leaving a kind of rusty appearance that looks like a bruise but is in reality residual iron pigment. It will disappear, but in extreme cases this can take more than 2 months, with subtle changes for several months. Best wishes.

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Bruising After Closed Rhinoplasty

Hi there,

One of the advantages of closed rhinoplasty is that there tends to be less swelling and bruising in the post-operative period.  This is largely because closed rhinoplasty techniques, when used in the appropriate patient, are less disruptive to the nose.  I suspect that you had osteotomies (cutting the nasal bones) based on your description of the bruising.  Normally, I wouldn't expect the bruising to be hanging around this long, but everybody is different and everyone heals at a different rate.  Probably that bruising shouldn't last too much longer.  Definitely use sunblock on the nose and face!  You might consider contacting your surgeon or a local cosmetic dermatologist to see about having the bruises layered as this can help them disappear faster.  

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Rhinoplasty bruising

Thank you for your question. I agree with Dr. Acosta Collado below. Though the majority of bruising has diminished by the second or third week, it would not be too unusual to have persistent bruising up to two months. If the bruising is gradually subsiding, it should continue to diminish. Please be sure to follow up with your surgeon.

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In general this discoloration  trends to dissapear within the first 6 week but it may vary from a patient to another, you have to avoid direct sun exposure and have to use a sun protector in order to prevent any permanent or long lasting spot

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