Follow-up to my first question. Clarifying my first question. Kybella no change. doctor did not use temporary tattoo.

my concern was that the doctor did not use the Kybella temporary tattoo to inject. He only injected my chin at 6-10 injection sites (I always count) :} during both treatments(each about a month apart). last treatment was two months ago. swelling lasted about 3 weeks. should I be concerned at the fact that he did not use the temporary tattoo? when I asked about it, he stated only less skilled injectors needed to use the tattoo and he did not need to use one. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Kybella Question

Thank you for your question.  You should always seek treatment from an experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon who adheres to FDA guidelines for injecting Kybella.  The grid is used to ensure that optimal treatment is given.    Make sure that you follow up with your injector about your results and/or subsequent treatments.

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Kybella Question

Thank you for your question.  I have not attempted to inject Kybella without the tattoo, and cannot speak to injection without doing this.  So far, I have had excellent results with Kybella, when injected as directed by the FDA.  You may want to discuss your concerns with another board certified facial plastic or general plastic surgeon, for a full evaluation and recommendation. 

I hope that this helps,
-David Gilpin

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Kybella and the Kybella Injection Grid

Kybella is a chemical that dissolves or disrupts fat cells.  When injected, it disperses for about 1 cm in all directions from the injection site and so to get an even result, the grid or that is marked in 1 cm intervals, can be a great tool to help get even results.  While most injectors will use it, it is not necessary to get great results and experienced injectors may elect not to use it for a variety of reasons.

The real question is "How are your result?"  Hopefully your injector took before photos.  If so, go back and ask for after photos to be done and to see the photos.  That will tell you if you are making any progress.  Usually each treatment gets about 40% improvement at a minimum. 

I hope that helps.

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Kybella results

The tattoo is a guideline for where to place the injections. Have you compared how you look now to your before photos? Because there should be a change. If not, then you may want to see another qualified injector to be assessed in person.


Kouros Azar

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Tattoo and Kybella

I have never injected Kybella without a grid.  In my hands, I like the temporary tattoo to help guide treatment.  I do recommend that you seek an experienced injector. I think the injector's experience and comfort with Kybella are the most important.

Jean Keamy, MD
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Kybella and temporary tatoos

Thank you for your question.  Temporary tattoos are meant to be a guide as to where to inject.  I teach other injectors for the company and encourage everyone to incorporate the use of the tattoos as part of their injection protocol.  Having said that, what is more important than the tattoos is the experience level of the injector and their ability to define the treatment area based on the patient assessment, consideration for asymmetry between the left and right sides.  I would ensure that you go to a injector with experience in facial injections and assessments and with experience in Kybella.  In addition, if you go to a plastic surgeon, you may also hear what your surgical alternatives are.

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Thank you for your question, Katherine. Please see a board certified facial plastic surgeon that follows all FDA guidelines with the Kybella procedures. I suggest you consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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Kybella tattoo

Thanks for the question.  The tattoo is just to make it easier for us to inject.  It places a grid onto the proposed area of treatment, so that the injections are evenly distributed.  That being said, you do not need to use the tattoo if you know what you are doing and can accurately space out the injections.  I am a bit concerned that only 6-10 injections were given.  This would be an unusually small area.  An average treatment usually involves 20-25 injections sites.  Also, sometimes the first treatment does not give a noticeable change and a second treatment might be recommended.  

Good Luck

"The above answer has been given without seeing this patient and cannot be substituted for actual in-person examination and medical advice; it is only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."

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Kybella temporary tattoo

Thank you for your question. When performing the Kybella treatment on our patients, we’ve always used the Kybella temporary tattoo to ensure accuracy and better results. If you are concerned with your treatment, I suggest finding a second qualified physician to review the area. 

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Using Kybella without tattoo grid applied is not following manufacturer's recommendations!

There- that says it all.  The great results that you see at the Kybella website are similar to those which allowed Kybella to be approved by the FDA and the Grid marking allows more even injection across the area to be treated. 

If you want the best result of any treatment we provide in cosmetic medicine, the treatment must be executed according to the directions from the manufacturer.  The grid tattoo takes only about 5 minutes to apply to your skin.  Most people need 20 or so injections with each treatment.  So if you are not seeing the result that you want, you may be undertreated with only 6-10 injection sites.  

If you are dissatisfied with the answers your physician is giving you,  seek a  second opinion consultation with a BC plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic medicine and member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) for the best advice and recommendations on what will fit your needs. 

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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