Can I Have 1 Breast Implant Removed and Replaced?

i have one implant that is ruptured the other one is fine. i have had implants about 36 years no problem. the one that is deflated dont bother me, its just that there is a hard spot on inside of the breast that is deflated. it don't look deflated its just the hard spot on my breast. if you do the one will it match the other.

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Best to replace two old implants than just one

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Yes, you can just have one implant replaced but I strongly recommend however you have both replaced. It is both easier and there is a better chance for symmetry if you take care of both breast by doing replacement.There is a  greater than 80% implant that your other implant is also ruptured if silicone or soon will be. This would mean two surgeries rather than one. Regarding detection of implant rupture, remember that Mammograms are specific (if it says it is ruptured it is) but they miss several, whereas a MRI is both specific and sensitive. Rather than undergoing this workup and testing, just replace both implants.

Deflation of 1 Breast Implant

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Thank you for your question.

Yes, it is possible to just replace the breast implant that has deflated and leave the other one alone.  It would help the surgeon if he/she has the information from your current breast implants. 

In my practice, most patients who have had breast implants in for that long and are undergoing surgery, elect to have them both removed and replaced but there is no medical indication that you have to replace the one side that has not deflated if you are not having any other issues.

Best wishes.

Replace one breast implant?

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Yes. You can replace one breast implant -- if you know the size and type of implant that was used. 

After 36 years though, if one has deflated, the other may do the same soon.

If you were my patient, I'd do what you wanted but I'd recommend replacing both.

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