Breast Augmentation Revision. Upsizing. Will Recovery Be Quicker And Look More Natural Sooner? (photo)

I have new 350cc silicone unders and am considering a relatively small upsize in years to come. Would recovery from revision surgery be much quicker and easier than that of the primary surgery? Would they appear as high/tight as they did post primary op? And if so, would they "drop" much quicker second time round? New stretch marks appear in my photo, which I am hoping will become less prominent. Would they be exacerbated by upsizing in the future?

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Recovery after upsizing for Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question.  Recovery after upsizing is generally easier as the pocket has already been formed.  There will be some pain as the pocket will need to be enlarged to accommodate the larger implant.  In my practice, I find that swelling after upsizing is much less than after primary breast augmentation and my patients are back to normal activities in 2-3 weeks.  The implants will settle into place quicker than with primary breast augmentation.  The effect on stretch marks is unpredictable.

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Breast Augmentation Revision, I Would Like to Go Bigger

Breast augmentation is the number one aesthetic surgical procedure in the United States. This is because the vast majority of patients have a phenomenal result and are extremely happy with their results. If patients could change one thing after their augmentation surgery it would be that they wish they had gone bigger.

Patients often have a fear of going too big or looking overly “fake” so they tend to talk themselves out of the breast implant they truly want to achieve their aesthetic goals. Also silicone implants are much softer and more natural than saline implants. I think that a lot of people still have images of the round firm appearance that the saline implants would give patients and thus want smaller implants to avoid this appearance. With the new silicone implants patients can go much larger and still look very soft and natural.

I always tell patients that they will go through a cycle where they will feel too big immediately after surgery (because they are very swollen) and then when the swelling goes away they miss the fullness. Typically once patients are out a couple months and the implants have settled and the swelling has resolved they will love their result.

When patients do decide to go bigger the surgery is typically much easier. The muscle and skin has already been stretched so the recovery is less painful and quicker. I do typically recommend to patients that if they are going to go bigger that they need to go up at least 100cc so that they see difference that is worth going through another surgery.

Please discuss your surgical options with a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in revision breast surgery.

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Recovery is quicker with breast augmentation revision to upsize

The pocket is formed after the promary breast augmentation and you will feel better and recover faster from you revision to upsize your breast implants. The stretch marks will soften and lighten and indicate that the breast got all it could take with the implants you are currently wearing. With the upsize you probably will not be as tight as the first time either.

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation Revisionary Surgery?

Thank you for the question and picture.
Generally speaking, revisionary  breast augmentation surgery  of the type that you are contemplating tends to be associated with less discomfort and recovery time that initial breast augmentation surgery.  This is because the breast implant pocket has been previously dissected/expanded. Also, generally speaking, there is not as much time required for breast implant “settling” given that your surgeon will likely manipulate the breast implant pocket to accommodate the larger breast implant. How your stretch marks will change (if at all)  after revisionary surgery is impossible to predict.
I hope this helps.

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Breast augmentation revision with upsizing

Yes you should have a quicker and easier recovery

Post-operative healing
Patients will feel sore and tired during the first 48 to 72 hours following surgery. During these first few days, the patient should engage in light activities, refraining from lifting or raising the arms above the head.
Swelling and bruising will subside during the first week after surgery and will be controlled by pain medication. The initial surgical tapes will be removed a few weeks after surgery during a post operative visit. Patients typically may return to a work a few days after surgery (only a light workload during the first two weeks). Showers are permitted on post op day #3 if there are no drains.
Scars will progressively fade throughout the first year following surgery.

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Recovery After Breast Implant Exchange

A second breast augmentation procedure is always easier than the first because the pocket has already been established. There will be less swelling and they will not become as tight afterwards as the first time. I would not count on them dropping, however, with new implants unless the lower edge of the pocket is intentionally lowered as well. 

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Breast Augmentation Revision - Faster Recovery in Most

Breast Implant Replacement Recovery time will be quicker and easier than that of the primary surgery in most cases.
Post-Operative Healing following Breast revision varies from patient to patient and recovery recommendations also vary among different plastic surgeons - Best advice is to ask your surgeon his recommendations.
Below is what is typical for my practice.
Revision surgery is much less uncomfortable than your original surgery.
This is an outpatient surgery and you will  probably go home in a bra or with only light dressings over the incision lines.
In my practice - Sutures are dissolvable but the ending knot is removed within 1-2 weeks.
Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. Light activities may be started in 7-10 days and return to work for light duty 1-2 weeks following surgery

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Revisional breast augmentation


Thank you for your question.

Typically there is an easier and shorter recovery time associated with
revisional surgery when compared with the original augmentaiton. As
the other doctors have already stated, your breast pocket has already
been expanded which will help speeden up your healing process.

Good luck!

Dr. Sam Speron

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Recovery after increasing breast implant size?

As other responders have suggested, implant replacement usually involves easier recovery than primary breast augmentation, provided additional surgery such as mastopexy (breast lift) or another procedure is not combined with the implant exchange.

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Increasing breast implant volume

Usually secondary breast surgery to enlarge the previously augmented breast is not as uncomfortable as the first surgery.

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