Affordable Payment Plan for Brazilian Butt Lift

I have a low income job but I feel I need a Brazilian butt lift. Do you have an affordable payment plan?

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Payment Plans for Brazilian Butt Lift

Patient financing is becoming increasingly important to ensure that patients can afford surgery in the most economical manner. We utilize 8 companies and over 30 lenders to help patients find financing. 

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Affordable Brazilian Butt Lift?

The term "affordable" is relative to each person's situation. Do not select your surgeon based on price alone. The most experienced BBL surgeons will not be the cheapest. I perform BBL surgeries than anyone else in the NY area, and I recognize that not everyone will be able to afford my prices. Remember that if you have a complication or need additional surgeries, the cost will far exceed what you would have paid for the best BBL surgeon. We offer payment plans but you will need to have good credit to be approved.

Affordable Payment Plan for Brazilian Butt Lift

The ability to pay for Plastic Surgery has become a reality to many people with the advent of financing companies.  Along with most Plastic Surgeons, we gladly accept 3rd party financing such as Care Credit and Prosper Healthcare lending.  These companies allow you to choose your repayment terms such as no interest financing or traditional terms such as 36/48/60 months.  Do your homework and find a board certified Plastic Surgeon who can guide you through the process and take excellent care of you!

Financing and Payment Plans for Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL)

Hi and great question.

There are a number of 3rd party independent financial lenders.  In addition, your own bank or credit union is a great place (and typically with lower interest rates!) to check out for a loan.  Our office utilizes most of the 3rd party independent financial lenders.  We have a patient coordinator at the office that helps to go over some of these options with you.  

Safety, Quality Control, & Experience are always the most important aspect to surgery.  And unfortunately these incur added expenses.  I would be extremely cautious when shopping around for "affordable" elective cosmetic surgery; this is a "buyer-beware" market...and at some point in order to cut expenses to be "affordable" Safety, Quality Control, and/or the Experience will be cut.  

I hope that helps.  Best of luck!

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Affordable BBL

Brazilian butt lift prices vary on the surgeon's location, experience, and demand.   There are ways to finance your BBL with third party creditors such as Care Credit or Alpheon. Remember that the least expensive surgery is one that is done correctly the first time.  I hope this helps and best wishes. 

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Financing Options for Brazilian Butt Lift

Care credit isapatient financing company commonly utilized by plastic surgery offices. If you do choose a patient finance option it is important to learn all the details the program and to make your payments on time. It is best to speak with your patient coordinator to find out what finance options they offer and make a decision on what best suits your individual situation.

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Affordable Payment Plans for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Thank you for your question about affordable payment plans for Brazilian Butt Lift.  The good news is that there are a number of affordable payment plan options for Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures.  Within my own practice, there are 3-4 different affordable payment plans available, some involving low interest and no interest repayment options.  The place to go to get an affordable payment plan option is your local Board Certified Plastic Surgeon where a number of plans are available.  Thank you for your question.

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Care Credit is a great option-- but don't take on more than you can handle!

For many patients the Brazilian Butt Lift wouldn’t be possible without some type of financing. For this reason, the vast majority of plastic surgeons offer some type of financing program.With the availability of this type of program plastic surgeons don’t typically take installment payments.They usually require full payment before surgery is performed.
In our practice we almost exclusively utilize Care Credit.This is currently the most commonly used source of plastic surgery financing in the United States.The company is run by GE capital financing.It’s reputable and you can apply for a loan online.It take approximately thirty minutes to get a response.In some cases, you may be able to get a twelve month interest free loan.
Financing isn’t for everyone, make sure you understand the fine print in your contract.Don’t take on more than you can handle.At some point, you will have to repay the loan. It’s important to have all your financing questions answered before proceeding with cosmetic surgery.In our office, we have financial consultants who can help you with this very important issue.

Affordable Payment plan for Brazilian Butt lift

We offer financing techniques through a third party company. Wishing you the best. 


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Payment plan

Hello, in my office there is an option of finantial program , once time you finnish the payment plan we can do the surgery, the patient is making deposits each moth.
Best wishes:

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