Braces Closing a Molar Gap

Hello, I have braces on to straighten my teeth and only have 6 months to go. I also have a missing molar. I spoke to my dentist about closing the space and he said that it will not be able to close the space entirely. Within six months, can my braces close the space? And, how much of it will it close? Thank you.

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Closing molar spaces is very tough

Closing spaces from missing molars is very difficult to do. Molars are typically quite large and attempting to move other teeth into that space potentially introduces all kinds of problems such as:

  • increased treatment time
  • assymetries (teeth going off center)
  • tipping of adjacent teeth - which leads to an unhealthy periodontal situation
  • bite disturbances

I am not necessarily saying it can't be done, because it can in the right situations and with the right techniques. Your doctor who sees your teeth and knows your case is the best one to answer this question in your case. If you are still uncertain, seek a second opinion from an experienced orthodontist.

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Closing molar space

Closing molar space is almost always  difficult and sometimes impractical due to time and expense and well as potential adverse side effects.  For the first 30 + years of my practice most of these space closures were just not possible.  More recently I HAVE been able to close some rather large molar spaces using T.A.D.s (temporary anchorage devices) also called mini implants.  They are a small titanium screw that goes directly into the bone to use as an anchor when closing the molar spaces.  It may not apply in your case but we can do more with molar space closure now than we could in the past.   Look them up on the internet and ask if they would be any help.



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