Tiny red spider veins on breast. (photo)

I had a breast lift and implant four weeks ago. My incisions seem to be healing good but I'm developing tiny red blood vessels around my incisions.. Is this normal?

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Tiny red spider veins on breasts after lift plus implants.

These capillaries are dilated (back-pressure from adjacent scar), and can be expected to change during the 6-12 months post-op. The trouble is, they may get better or worse, and only time will tell. If they persist (or worsen) and continue to bother you, pulsed dye laser treatment can reliably and safely reduce these. The treatment is not unlike what is done for port-wine capillary malformations (birthmarks), and is quite effective and low risk. 

I'd recommend waiting for 6-12 months to see what ends up, and if needed, then seek out a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who has expertise in pulsed dye laser treatment. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Spider veins after breast lift surgery

You are still in the early stages of your post operative recovery and these small capillaries can occur due to swelling and pressure from the incision.  Its possible they will resolve over time but if they persist you can consider options such as laser treatment down the track.  Be patient!

Robert Drielsma, MBBS, BSc, FRACS
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