Botox for a 70-year-old?

I'm 70 years old and never had the treatment. Is there any reason I should not have Botox at this age?

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Botox at 70

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 Age70 is not a contraindication for botox use. After age 65 is off-label based on FDA indications, however. As long as your health is good and you are a good candidate and you don't have the any conflicting contraindications (discussed with your doctor) you should be feel okay about using it.   

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox for 70 year old.

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The chronological age (70) is less of a factor than your overall health.  The original studies done on Botox did not include people over 65.  Your doctor may tell you that it would in that case be an "off label" use.  Having said that, Botox has an excellent record as being safe and effective. 

The other thing is have the doctor see what modality might be best for you, (Botox, a filler like Restylane or Juvederm, etc).  Together you will come up with the best treatment for you.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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No problem with Botox in a 70-year-old

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Hi Mood. The question for us is not your age, but how good a fit you are for the procedures.

There does come a time in a patients life where the wrinkles caused by muscle contraction, combined with sagging or drooping skin, will cause us to recommend a facelift vs. injectable procedures such as Botox. Without seeing you, it's impossible to say what we would recommend, but provided you are a good candidate, there's no problem at all using Botox after 70. Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox at 70

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So long as you do not have any of the contraindications to treatment with Botox and have realistic expectations about what Botox can and cannot do for your wrinkles, you will be very happy with your treatment results.

Be sure to consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Discuss what you want to accomplish and they can let you know what your options are, including Botox.

Good Luck!

Botox at any age

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Although the company doesn’t have a formal approval for your age, there is no medical reason that you couldn’t have treatment.   Unless it would increase the chance of a droop due to a weak forehead, which in turn could cause lowering of the upper eyelids.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox is okay at 70

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Go for it!  Botox can address your wrinkle concerns as it can for anyone else.  Just be sure to mention to your plastic surgeon if you're taking any sort of blood thinner medications as you may have more bruising if you do.  Otherwise, you should be just fine.

Botox in a 70-year-old

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One of my early Botox patients was 70, but had skin that she had protected from the sun for a long time. When her results were lasting longer than most, I finally found out her secret. She was using tape to "iron out" her slowly reoccuring glabella lines. I presumed this is a similar response as those who have benefit from the Frownies product.

Ann Lott, MD (retired)
Lincoln Dermatologist

Botox expectations

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For anyone, especially someone like yourself, it's important to have the correct expectations on what a technique can produce. I agree with our colleagues that your age doesn't disqualify you from trying Botox, however your injector should discuss the following with you.

If you have had longstanding scowl lines or if you are male, you may require a higher dosage and or a filler to plump up the line which has been etched on the forehead skin.

If you are treating the horizontal forehead lines, your injector must be careful not to produce "witch" brows (where the tail of the brow angles up) and/or drop your entire forehead, so you look worse. The horizontal forehead lines are a result of activating the frontalis muscle, which raises the brow and when its action is blocked, the entire complex can slide downwards.

Be candid with your consultant and modest with your expectations. Good luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Botox in old age

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If you do not suffer from a neurological disorder such as myasthenia gravis and do not have any swallowing or speech disorder then you can have Botox done at age 70


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Age limit for BOTOX?

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Age itself is only a number. If your general health is good, and you have a consult with an experienced BOTOX provider who recommends it then consider proceeding. The initial FDA studies for approval did not include patients over 65, so your provider will tell you it is considered "off-label" use. I have many patients over 65 who are pleased with their BOTOX treatments.

John E. Gross, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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