Will dermarolling thicken the epidermis/dermis and make my skin less sensitive as a result?

I have very sensitive skin. I believe one of the reasons it is so sensitive is because it is thin and fragile, making it easy for irritants to penetrate. I also feel it gets dehydrated very easily because of its thinness. I've read that dermarollers with a length of .5mm can thicken the epidermis and dermis. Is this a viable treatment to eventually give me less sensitive and more hydrated skin?

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Will dermarolling thicken the epidermis/dermis and make my skin less sensitive as a result?

Thanks for your query. Yes it does improves the quality of the skin as dermaroller induces injury and while it heals the skin quality becomes better, but it is advisable to be done by a doctor. Hope it helps.
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Effects of dermaroller

Dermaroller works by producing thousands of microscopic needle columns in the skin, this stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and most importantly safely. Over time new collagen is formed, new cells are grnerated and blood supply is enhanced. All of this results in better quality of this skin as a whole. It also helps in good absorption of the products applied, hence using a very mild hydrating moisturiser after the procedure would help with the dehydrated appearance. This process laso increases blood circulation to the skin which would help with the thin and sensitive skin. The frequency of the procedure and needle length used will depend on your skin type and outcome required.It is a safe and effective method to obtain an even and healthy skin. But make sure to consult with your registered dermatologist before the procedure to get your skin assessed. 

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