What can I do to increase the size of my masseter muscles?

I want my jaw to be similar to the actor James Hyde, and although my jaw is similar in size my masseters aren't as large as his, I don't want plastic surgery since I plan on fighting and I don't feel right about inserting foreign objects into my body. I know that my body fat is higher than his, but even with losing weight my jaw wouldn't be as wide and as square. Is there any way I could increase the size of my masseter muscles/expand the width of my mandible? What can I do to achieve this look?

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Exercise Program

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If you are having TMJ issues or trouble chewing your food a TMJ specialist prior to your starting on an exercise program should evaluate this.

If your issue is aesthetic there are different options. Like any muscle you can exercise it to increase its strength and tone. I doubt that you could enlarge it significantly to change your aesthetic contour; and if you did it might not be the aesthetic result your are desiring. I do not have any experience in exercising masseter muscles.

Fillers can change soft tissue contour are very popular and help to balance and aesthetically improve the shape or your face. Performed correctly they can restore the changes for aging and refine the qualities you want.

Fat Injections for Masseter Muscle Enlargement

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You are not going to increase the size of your masseter muscles by any form of non-surgical therapy. Since you are opposed to implants, the other option to consider is fat injections placed directly into the muscle. While this is a minor surgery, it is a natural non-implant approach.

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