What type of surgery do I need to fix my witch chin and nose profile? (photos)

What type of surgery do I need to fix my witch chin and nose profile will it be just liposuction or more? Will they do this if I have itp? Is there something wrong with my cheeks and eye sockets how to fix deep eye sockets

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Witch's chin correction and rhinoplasty

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A witch's chin deformity as it is know will be most likely due to a combination of excess bone, soft tissue and skin, and each of these needs to be assessed to make sure the correct procedure is used to achieve the desired result.

The nose and chin are also key in terms of the balence of the middle and lower thirds of the face, with the projection and length of one effecting the apparent projection and length of the other.

The key is a full assesment of facial skeleton and soft tissue, to plan what is most likely going to be a combined procedure on the nose and chin aimed at reduction of both to achieve facial balence.

The ITP may be an issue and liason between your surgeon and haematologist will ensure any procedure is performed safely

I hope that is of some help

Jeremy Hunt

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