Blood Thinners and Mommy Makeover

Hi there, I want to have the mommy makeover but last year I had to have three stents put in due to a heart attack. Now I have to wait until one year is up to have the surgery because they don't want me to stop the plavix and aspirin that I take daily. I wanted to do this in dec. and my cardiologist wouldn't approve it for the plavix reasons. I understand what he is saying and my plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist are fine to go forward in hospital when I'm allowed. My question is how long will I need to be off of the blood thinners before and after the surgery? I'll get back on the darn stuff but I really want to do this. I see him in early April and I want to have my facts to talk to him. I'll gladly add pics once I get the go ahead to do this. I've seen before and afters, in surgery, etc. and I don't care I WANT IT DONE!!! I can't wait.

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Plavix and aspirin

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You need to be off aspirin 7 days and plavix 10 days prior to any surgery.  This is because of the half - life of each of these medications

Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Blood thinners and a mommy makeover

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 I can understand how much you want the surgery, however your health and safety must come first.  Always!  If and when your cardiologist clears you for a general anesthesia and surgery, IMHO you should be off all blood thinners for at least 2 weeks and I'd prefer 3 weeks prior and 2 weeks after.  Your surgery should be done in a hospital, not an outpatient surgery center where emergency services and your cardiologist are readilly available.  

Mommy Makeover and Blood Thinners

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I have my patients avoid all blood thinners for two weeks prior surgery and two weeks after surgery. At the pre operative appointment we give our patients a comprehensive list of medications to avoid, including aspirin products and anti-inflammatories, even some herbs and vitamins need to be avoided. It is important to let your surgeon know everything that you take, prescriptions and over the counter products. Of course most importantly is getting clearance from your doctor before proceeding with surgery. Good luck!

Blood thinners and Mommy Makeover

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Blood thinners increase the risk of bleeding drammatically. I recommend avoiding aspirin and plavix for at least 10 days prior to any cosmetic surgical procedure. Also, I recommend avoiding herbal supplements such as ginseng, garlic and ginko bulloba for 2 weeks prior to surgery. These medications and supplements increase bleeding during surgery and raise the risk of hematoma, or blood clot formation after a surgical procedure. This complicaton can lead to disfiguring scars and rarely, severe infections. I recommend working with your cardiologist and safely discontinuing these medications when your health allows it. It may be hard to wait, but it will be well worth it to avoid serious complications of your mommy makeover.

Temp Patterson, MD
Burley Facial Plastic Surgeon

Plavix and facelifting

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Plavix is a serious anticoagulant and it must be stopped well before your surgery, usually 10-14 days before surgery.   You can resume minimum of 7 days after your procedure but may have to wait longer depending on bruising.  Of course, none of these recommendations from a cosmetic surgeon matter if your medical doctor overrides them.  Make sure you are medically cleared by your doctors before having elective surgery.  Improving your cosmetic appearance is not worth your life. 

Blood thinners and aesthetic surgery

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IF and that means a big IF you are allowed to stop your blood thinners, it is advisible to wait two weeks before undergoing surgery. 

Blood thinners and plastic surgery

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Blood thinners, including aspirin,ibuprofen, and other anti-inflammatory medications need to be out of the system before proceeding with facial surgery to avoid excessive bleeding . There is a great deal of blood supply to the head and neck resions.  You should consult with your physicians to get the exact length of time necessary to be off any given medication.

Joshua Korman, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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