What Medication or Ointments Help with Bruising After an Eyelid Surgery?

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Mediations for bruising after facial surgery

Bruising is expected after eyelid surgery and it usually resolves after 7 to 10 days.  Persistent bruising and discoloration of the soft tissues can occur.  There is really no magic cure as this will ultimately resolve on its own.  Occasionally alternating warm and cool compresses can help as well as on over the counter herbal product, Bromelean.  The usual antibruising dose is 500 mg twice a day between meals.

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What Medication or Ointments Help with Bruising After an Eyelid Surgery?

If you've recently had Eyelid Surgery then you need to foolow the postop instructions of your surgeon.  We suggest Arnica 12 C orally and topical Arnica cream if bruising occurs after Eyelid Surgery.

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Arnica is no better than placebo for helping bruising.

The very best treatment for swelling and bruising after eyelid surgery is tincture of time. There are no ointments or medications that will speed up healing. Yes many people advocate arnica as a treatment for bruising. However, this recommendation is completely unscientific. We have no evidence that it is harmful. Double blind studies have shown arnica to be ineffective for speeding the resolution of bruising. Since it is no better than no treatment, it makes no sense to offer it as a treatment.

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Medications that help with bruising after eyelid surgery

this starts with prevention.. stopping meds and vitamins that increase bleeding and bruising

although arnica has not been proven in scientific studies  ,many of our patients like it  and we use it.

vitamedica  has supplements that are chosen by the company to decrease swelling and brusiing.  

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Reducing Bruising and Swelling After Eyelid Surgery

Arnica Montana is a homeopathic medication that is thought to improve bruising and swelling. Homeopathy is based on the treatment of “like with like.” Extremely tiny doses of plant, animal, or mineral substances that could cause symptoms of illness in a healthy person are used to treat the same symptoms in a sick patient. The remedy is like the symptoms, in a sense.

We do not understand the mechanism by which Arnica might work. Multiple brands of Arnica montana are available for purchase. But there is only one homeopathic Arnica product on the market clinically proven to reduce bruising and swelling after surgery, and it is the only product to follow published guidelines on dosing in plastic surgery. (SINECCH™, Alpine Pharmaceuticals)           

Cool compresses will be the most effective way to reduce bruising of the eyelids post-operatively. Apply cool compresses as frequently as needed, for the first 48 hours following surgery. Using a bag of frozen corn or peas is often helpful because it molds to the shape of your face. The weight of this also applies a small amount of pressure which helps reduce swelling as well.
Refraining from strenuous activity, bending, and stooping will also be helpful, and will reduce the risk for post-op hematoma.

Beginning one week after surgery I have my patients start some gentle eyelid massage exercise. Massaging the eyelids gently will help swelling resolve more quickly and will reduce post-operative lower lid contractures.  Massage should be performed several times per day for 4-8 weeks.

Lower Eyelid Lift:  Place your index finger tip transversely over your lower eyelid of the same side.  Gently lift / push upward with your finger, elevating the lower eyelid, and hold this position for 10 seconds; repeat this exercise ten times.

Lower Eyelid Massage:  Use your index finger tip to gently sweep across the lower eyelid of the same side.  Begin medially, gently sweep laterally, and then continue sweeping upward an outward as the lateral portion of the eyelid is reached; repeat this exercise ten times.

Upper Eyelid Massage:  Use your index finger tip to gently sweep across the upper eyelid of the same side.  Begin medially and gently sweep laterally; repeat this exercise ten times.

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Help with Bruising After Eyelid Surgery

There aren't any ointments that prevent bruising but a medication called Arnica may help (Google SinEcch). However, your best option is to use cool compresses after the procedure. Discuss this with your surgeon in advance to minimize your bruising.

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