Redness and Bumps Along Blepharoplasty Scar Line

I had Neck Lift and Blepharoplasty, and I've been on 3 different types of antibiotics for 30 days due to a swollen stich in my lower jaw area. It's still red, swollen, and bruised. It's not necessarily painful because I'm numb. My upper and lower lids still have the redness and bumps on the scar line. I massage them several times a day with vitamin E as recommended. Should I be using something different on my eyelids to help smooth out the bumps and redness?

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Give it time

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Vitamin E has never been shown to help with scar formation. There is a six- to eight-week lump and bumpy phase after blepharoplasty regardless of techniques or sutures used. There is nothing else that will help smooth that out, just time. After approximately eight weeks the incision will turn from red and lumpy-bumpy to a fine little inconspicuous line in the eyelid fold.

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Scars of eyes

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The incisions from your procedures usually fade with time and the improve.  I can not say without seeing them

Steven Wallach, MD
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Time will heal the contour irregularities

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You are still healing and the red bumps will lessen with time.  A bit of hydrocortisone with aloe (Aloe-Cort) sold over the counter will also help  the redness. Do not use past two weeks at a time.


Richard D. Gentile, MD
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Time is your best friend

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Time is your best friend here.

Scars tend to form for six weeks after injury. It is unlikely that you will see any significant improvement during this time.

Massage will likely help to soften the scars and expedite scar maturation.

Use of silicone gel products may help reduce erythema but may result in inclusion cysts or milia. I tend to recommend a water soluble lubricant to minimize this tendency.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Post Operative Healing

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Dear Terrianne Carriere

Healing does take time- quickest in the first month and more changes over the first 4 months. Topical agents that can help are Traumeel cream 3 times a day, Lymphdiurol cream 3 times a day and oral Lymphdiurol drops. Also Gentle Waves Light Therapy System can help improve the rate of healing.

On occasion with the eyelid sutures you can have little cysts that can leave bumps and these can be taken care of with a needle in the office.

The suture on your jawline- what kind is it? This may not be a dissolving suture. if you are reacting to the material- some dilute steroid injection may help.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

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Give it time

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Seems like you've have several issues related to your surgery. The bumps may be deep stitches under the skin. Massage will do no harm but I think it's going to require some time before things settle down. This is no time for steroids but if it persists for several months a milligram of Kenalog may be necessary.

Massage with Vitamin E best for red bumps along blepharoplasty scar

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Massage should reduce the red bumps. These happen often when the sutures are left in for longer than 5-6 days.

The upper eyelid skin typically heals very well and I have never seen redness last longer than 2-3 months.

Have your doctor examine you to be certain no small pieces of suture were left behind after removal. This can happen and when it does red bumps persist until the suture fragments are removed.

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