Can Blepharoplasty Be Performed More Than Once?

I had this procedure performed about 10 years ago and was told by the plastic surgeon at that time that it could not be done again and in time would need a full face lift. The eyes have dropped and am now being told by a different surgeon that there is no problem performing this again. I am 58 years old. Please advise. Thanks.

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A second procedure may be possible

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Cosmetic surgery does not stop the natural ageing processes of the body. As it has been many years since your original surgery, it is very possible that the results have diminished. Your original surgeon may have been suggesting that down the road a second blephaplasty might not be appropriate for you to achieve the results you desire and that a facelift could be a better route. As a blephaplasty and facelift target different areas of the face, I recommend speaking to an experienced surgeon about your expectations for results and use his or her advice to help guide your decision.


Blepharoplasty Be Performed More Than Once

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Yes, Blepharoplasty can be performed more than once but it also depends upon the situation. When your last surgery was years ago or that your skin has continued to sag as time passed then it can surely be done. In very unusual situation where by the original surgery had problem, a revision Blepharoplasty can be perform to correct the problem. A browlift can also be done to enhance the appearance of your upper lids. Clients should always consult to a board certified plastic surgeon and seek the best advice for the dilemma they are in.

Colin Hong, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Second blepharoplasty

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Blepharoplasty can be performed more than once, especially so after many years.  However, this may not always be possible depending on the type and extent of the prior blepharoplasty, and your current eye health.  As well, other adjunctive procedures may be of greater benefit, such as fillers, grafting procedures, browlifting or something else.  You would need a complete assessment by your plastic surgeon to determine an appropriate and safe treatment plan to meet your goals.

Michel C. Samson, MD
Daytona Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Can blepharoplasty be performed more then once

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 If there truly is eye skin that has dropped blepharoplasty may be done. There might be

extra brow skin that has dropped so you might need a browlift instead.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes it is possible

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You would need a thorough examination of your eyelids and their ability to fully close. Furthermore if you have dry eye problems, this needs to be evaluated as well.

But the general answer to your question is:  yes, it is possible.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Re-do Blepharoplasty

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It is possible to re do a blepharoplasty, especially after 10 years, if your skin has continued to droop over time.  Your previous plastic surgeon may have been talking about doing a brow lift.  The browlift will often help the appearance of the upper lids.  Best to go to a few Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.  Tell them your concerns and together you will come up with an appropriate plan for you.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Redo blepharoplasty

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Yes, 10 years is a significant amount of time to consider a revision blepharoplasty, same as many need a revision facelift in 10 years.  However, blepharoplasty alone may not necessarily be always the best answer to eyelid skin excess problem; brow lift or adding volume to the periorbital area should also be considered.  I would also be cautious with repeating lower eyelid blepharoplasty, as it has an increase incidence of lower lid problem postoperatively.

Alexander Ovchinsky, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 32 reviews

Blepharoplasty is often benefited by revisional work.

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Yes, generally if you have had a nice result from a prior eyelid surgery and time has taken the polish off of this work, it is reasonable to consider revisional eyelid surgery.  Be certain to consult and eyelid specialist.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a geographic directory on their website that can help you find a highly qualified eyelid specialist.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Can blepharoplasty be performed more than once?

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Time marches forward after aesthetic surgery, and the same forces that produced the initial aging changes eventually will manifest themselves again.  Especially if eyelid surgery is done at a relatively early age, you can expect to eventually need some additional surgery if you want to maintain your best appearance.


Two particular words of caution. 

If the changes are largely in the upper eyelid, it may be necessary to stabilize the brow with some type of brow lift.  Repeat upper blepharoplasties without attention to the brows can lead to undesirable outcomes.


If the changes are in the lower eyelids, make sure your surgeon check to see that the support of the lower eyelid is good.  Otherwise, repeat surgery may cause an undesirable pulling down of the lid.


Eyelid surgery is common but tricky.  Make sure you go to a highly experienced surgeon.l

John Q. Cook, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Blepharoplasty redo

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Soemtimes a blepharoplasty needs to be redone in patients with further redundancy. You just want to make sure that if is not from brow descent requiring a browlift procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

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