Blepharoplasty: Excessive Swelling?

I'm post op day 6, and I have lots of swelling after upper/lower blepharoplasty (including fat injection to upperlid). The swelling encompasses my cheeks, nose, and the sides of my eyes. The swelling was getting slightly better by day 3, but then it actually got WORSE after the stitches and bandages were removed on day 5 - is that normal? The swelling continued to get worse the day after the stitches were removed and I can hardly open my eyes again.

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Swelling post blepharoplasty

Swelling should generally improve after postop day one.  Worsening after suture removal may suggest that the incision line may not be healing well.  Also, you need to consider wether you are suffering an allergic reaction to a topical ointment.  Finallly, always consider wether there is an infection occurring.  Talk with your plastic surgeon regarding all these possibilities.

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Swelling after eye surgery

Swelling after eye surgery will vary because of a lot of factors. It usually gets better with time.

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Swelling After Blepharoplasty

It is not unusual to have signifiant swelling after blepharoplasty.  Fat injection seems to make this swelling somewhat worse.  Maximum swelling occurs at postoperative day 2 the begins to dissipate.  It takes 3 months or more for most of the swelling to resolve.  The most common reason for swelling that seems to be going down then increases, is a patient forgetting to keep their head elevated at all times even when sleeping.  However, bleeding or infection can also cause delayed swelling.  I would advise you to see your operating surgeon for and in-person evaluation of your concerns.

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You had a lot of surgery.

It is normal to be swollen after eyelid surgery.  Having fat grafting with the eyelid surgery will make you even more swollen.  However it would not be normal to have increasing pain, redness, discharge, or changes in vision.  If you feel you have any of these issues or simply are not comfortable with your degree of swelling, you are not bothering your surgeon to be seen or at least talk about these issues.

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Excessive swelling after blepharoplasty and fat injection

It is normal to have swelling after blepharoplasty and there would be even more swelling expected with fat injection.  However, the swelling normally should continue to get better and not worsen.  Your recovery is most likely within the normal range, but the best advice would be to contact your surgeon.  He or she may want to examine you to make sure all is well.    

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