Is a vertical lollipop scar and areola scar the only way to lift?

I'm starting my search for a surgeon for a breast augmentation and lift, but I don't want areola scars nor the lollipop scar. I am uploading pictures for recommendations. I don't feel implants alone will help with my sagging breasts but I haven't seen a lift done without the lollipop scar and are areola scars. Please advise. Also, I want the smallest implant possible to improve upper pole fullness, this is also a reason I feel I'll need a lift since the implant alone will not fix the sagging.

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Cake and eat it too

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it sounds like you want something that you can't have. ALL lifts involve a peri-areolar scar =/- some vertical and possibly horizontal component. IF you don't have significant sagging of the nipples(difficult to tell from the photos) then you may be able to get an implant alone in a dual plane configuration to get the "lift" you want, but when you say the smallest implant possible, that is also not going to work. I think you need to reconsider IF you truly want surgery and what your goals are. 

Breast Lift/Anatomical Implants

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Based on your photos, you may be a candidate for a breast augmentation with anatomical implants to correct you ptosis (droop) since it is not severe. A true lift cannot be performed without the extensive scarring you are trying to avoid. I recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon who routinely uses anatomical implant to see if you can get improved volume, shape without the scarring. Best wishes. 

Erica Anderson, MD
Reston Plastic Surgeon
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