How Can I Close my Gap and How Long Will It Take?

Hi I've always had a gap between my teeth as I have oversized gums, but had braces for two years which corrected all this. However, despite wearing my retainer my gap between my two front teeth came back about 2 weeks after removing my braces. I didn't mind at first but it keeps getting bigger and I don't like it anymore! How can I fix it and how long will it take? I think maybe the skin between my teeth would need to be cut but I'm very weary about needles, cutting and pain... other ways?

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Permanent retainer

In order to keep the gap between your front teeth closed, I would recommend bonding a permanent retainer on the tongue side of the 2 front (or 4 front) teeth.  It is simply a thin, flexible wire that is glued to the back of the teeth, so that there is always something in place to hold the teeth together, whether or not you are wearing your removable retainer.  However, before putting in a permanent retainer, you would need to close the gap if it is still open.  You would need to wear the retainer that was given to you after completing your orthodontic treatment, and keep it in continuously until the space is closed.  If it does not fit any longer, you might be able to close it with a Hawley retainer with springs or an Invisalign-type clear retainer.

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Gap between front teeth

You have a very common problem!  large spaces between upper front teeth are extremely difficult to hold closed....In cases like yours we would not recommend any surgery but we would glue a metal wire on the inside surface of the two front teeth after the space is closed....The wire can be left indefinitely...but if it every breaks the space WILL return!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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