Does septoplasty surgery last forever?

I actually heard from my ayurvedic doctor that after doing a septoplasty it becomes crooked again after a few years.Just want to know if this is true ?? I have a really badly deviated septum and want to have teh surgery but after hearing what this doctor said my parents wont let me have it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so please help me !

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Generally stays in place

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Septoplasty is a procedure whereby cartilage and bone is reformed and repositioned into a more straight position within the nose.  When straight, the airway is much more open.  Cartilage and bone can self reposition with time, but generally this unusual.  Generally, the airway will stay open.  In the majority of instances after septoplasty, the cartilage and bone remain in a good position.  When nasal obstruction happens after septoplasty surgery, it is usually due to another cause such as turbinate enlargement, nasal polyps, or nasal valve collapse.

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