Scar on Lip due to injury 4-5 years ago. My lips are uneven on both the sides. Any suggestions?

I have also drawn a rough image of my lip because not all of it is visible in the picture like the step created on my lips upper part. Please ignore the shine , color on it its because of a silicone gel that i apply. And please tell me what shape will it be after surgery. I can travel anywhere if it satisfies my problem.Please pay attention to the whole scar not just the lower part. The scar is even on the philtrum.Please tell me to what extent can it be removed

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Lip Asymmetry

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Thank you for sharing your case and photos.  I cannot really tell what bothers you from the information you have provided.  Schedule a consultation with a board certified specialist to discuss your concerns.  Good luck!

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Lip Reduction with Scar Revision

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Hard to say without physical exam, but it appears that conservative lip reduction to correct asymmetry combined with scar revision is your best option. It can be done in the office under local anesthesia, and takes about one hour.Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck!

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