Losing Grafts along with scab/crisp 6-7 days post Hair Transplant (FUE). What corrective actions should I take now? (Photo)

On 6th days post my FUE surgery, I was massaging my dry scalp in circular motion slowly with my finger tips. I found out that the crisp & probably scabs were falling out of scalp. I continued this for the next day too in order to get rid of scab ASAP. On next day I noticed that HAIR were embedded in those scabs/crust. I have read that 10 days post surgery grafts are fixed in scalp and shampooing was allowed to remove scabs for first 2 weeks. Have i done wrong? Tell me what to expect & do now :(

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Shedding grafts at 1 wek

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This is normal. Just continue to take care of your recipient area as your doctor recommended. Everything will be fine.

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What to expect a few days after hair transplantation in Seattle #plasticsurgery

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We recommend 'no touch' cleaning of the recipient scalp with a spray bottle for the first few days after surgery. At that point, the transplanted follicles are adherent to the adjacent scalp tissue and will not fall out. The hair shafts themselves may fall out, but this is not important to the ultimate survival and growth of new hairs.

Hair fall post hair transplant surgery is normal

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It is normal to lose the hair transplanted from the backside within 2-3 weeks of the surgery. However it seems that you applied more force while massaging which could have caused the scab along with the hair to fall off. After 10 days, you can apply aloevera gel for 30-45 mins which will soften the scabs and you can gently remove them with shampoo. Till that day you can just keep the area moist by spraying Normal Saline solution to decrease the scab formation. There is nothing to worry for the hair which have been lost with the scabs as the roots are already within the scalp so they should grow back.

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Washing technique early after hair transplant

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Aggressive massaging 6 days postop may be dangerous. The first 5 washes after a HT should be very gentle. The next 5 washes should be intermediate, however since it is not easy to explain how the intermediate style is, we prefer to instruct our patients live. We advice not to hurry in cleaning the scabs and let them fall naturally between 7-14 days. If they still remain at 14 days than we advice active rubbing to get rid of the scabs in 1-2 washes.

Ali Emre Karadeniz, MD
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Losing hair post FUE - what is normal?

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Be sure to check with your surgeon for specific advice and direction. In general, it is normal to lose hair, crust and scabs at day 6-7 following FUE ( and sometimes even earlier!)

The cells that produce a brand new hair are likely still deep under the scalp. You need to get rid of these little hair to make room for the new hairs to come up in 2-3 months 

Hairs fall out earlier with FUE than strip. What you have described sounds pretty much spot on - but give your surgeon's office a call if you are concerned. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

Shedding grafts after hair tranplant

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In general, I advise my patients to avoid touching the recipient area for the first 7 days. After 7 days it is ok to shampoo the recipient area and wash the grafts. Before then, I recommend that they mist the grafts with saline spray if there is any crusting/scabbing. At 6 days postop, it is likely fine and the hair shaft portion of your grafts are just shedding as they normally do. I would follow the postoperative instructions as outlined by your hair transplant surgeon and wait for growth (which typically occurs starting at 3-6 months and continues for up to 12-18 months). 

Losing Grafts along with scab/crisp 6-7 days post Hair Transplant (FUE).

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Thank you for your question.  The grafted hair will grow nicely for first 10-14 days then 50-75% of the hair will shed temporarily The small crusts around the micrographs will fall off naturally at around 10-14 days.  You can wash your hair daily and gently with a mild shampoo.  Try not to remove the crusts and allow them to fall off naturally.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

Handle the treated area with care

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Massing is not required to help with crust removal. Gentle washing of the scalp  will do. While you may not not have done much harm, massaging is not recommended.Good luck!

Scabs and itching after hair transplant

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It is very common for scabs to fall at seven days.  The hair has fallen out but it has left behind the tissue that will grow a new hair in 4-8 months.  

It is very common for the scalp to itch and for patients to sometimes inadvertently pick at their scalp. If you pick at your scabs this will damage your grafts. You have to retrain your self to either not itch at all or use cool compresses for the itching.

Yes, Its normal to lose some hairs in first few days.

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Yes, Its normal to lose some hairs in first few days. If fact in the the 3-4 weeks after your surgery, the majority will be lost. But don't worry, they grow back starting from around 10-12 weeks.

Anne Kremer, MD
London Otolaryngologist

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